El Sol de Sinaloa – El Sol de Sinaloa offers perfect no-street maps for all users of public spaces

Culiacan, Sen. – As a guide to the ideal design of Functional, safe and sustainable streetsthe organized in favor of mobility a map View street design with their items.

And that’s for you Pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and motorists Utilizing public space in the best conditions.

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street complete It’s much more than a vehicle ticket, it’s… design comprehensive That takes into account a variety of users and modes of transport for Goal to create safer spaces, Attractive And can access“, It is to explain Gloria MoralesMember of the organized.

The design submitted by Mapasin indicates that the streets should give priority to pedestrians, which creates spaces insurance convenient for walking, as well as wide sidewalks, Pedestrian crossings, signs, street furniture and rest areas.

In this design, you must define the priorities footpaths except Anti-pedestrian bridges that give priority to vehicular traffic over pedestrians, especially users exhibition Such as the elderly or people with some mobility impairment“, Hinge.

They also propose to include the infrastructure for cyclists, send signals Appropriate, arcade And car park to bikes. Streets must efficiently integrate public transportation with bus stops. bus good Designed, can access And in points strategic.

It is also necessary to use it strategies to regulate speed vehicles private And traffic calming, Thus ensuring the safety of all users transmit general.

This concept is also sought Transformation streets in Places vibrant spaces that allow for social interaction, Mobility continuous and vitality economic localGloria Morales explained.

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Finally, create spaces green And wooded Urban areas are an important factor in creating Streets security And continuousSince vegetation is a critical element in providing shade, improving air quality and beautifying the urban environment, this is achieved by including it Green spaces, gardens and trees along the street.

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