“El Salvador took another drastic leap to undermine the rule of law”, Norma condemns Torres

Norma Torres spoke out against this new insult to the rule of law after the US Congresswoman condemned the abuse of power on several occasions and approved reforms that would affect the independence of the judiciary.

On Tuesday, delegates loyal to Naib Bhukel approved an order It will allow a refinement within the judiciary. This would remove judges and magistrates over the age of 60 (except Supreme Court justices) and facilitate transfers between courts.

Inside and outside the country, this is seen as a new blow to the balance of power, in addition to the continuing blow to democracy given by Naib Boukel’s government.

Norma Torres, an American congresswoman, repeatedly condemned these extravagant acts of power and spoke out for this new disgrace to the law.

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“The rule of law in El Salvador has taken another drastic step towards the independence of the judiciary, the obstruction of significant cases and the politicization of justice,” said a U.S. legislator of Guatemalan descent.

He has warned on several occasions that democracy, transparency and the fight against corruption are factors that trigger irregular immigration to the United States.

Yesterday he doubled his condemnation and said he was in favor of the undemocratic governments of the El Salvador region. “These attacks on democratic institutions and principles threaten human rights and lead the country into conflict with regional democracies,” he said.

He concluded by saying that “the El Salvador government must respect its own constitution and democracy, which precisely tends to be ignored by Bukel and his loyal supporters.”

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Instead of correcting the instances in which Torres and other U.S. legislators condemned the undermining of his government’s democracy, Naib Bukele mocked them, downplayed their importance, and called for the removal of this California Congress woman’s voter from her. Her current position is one in which election interference can be criminalized.

The broad voice of those who rejected the truth, along with influential Democrat Congressman Jim McGovern, pointed out in a tweet that Salvador’s interest in further reducing the balance of power in the ruling party is very clear.

“I condemn the anti-constitutional law that purges all judges over the age of 60 in El Salvador,” McGovern said on his social media site.

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