El Salvador: Experts warn that Supreme Court ruling Naeem Bukhale is again violating the Constitution.

Naib Bukhale, President of El Salvador

El Salvador Supreme Court ruling confirms presidential re-election This Saturday is a concern in various fields, who question it because they consider it an insult to the Constitution And opens the door to uprising.

What happened yesterday violated a good chunk of the constitution’s rock articles, ”Saúl Baños, director of the Foundation for the Law’s Application (Phosphate), told AFP., Refers to the judgment of the Constitutional Committee of the Court.

Pagos cited that as one of the articles of the Constitution The number violated is 88, which states that “the transfer of the presidency of the Republic is necessary to maintain the established form of government and the political system. Violation of this provision provokes rebellion.”

Friday night, The court gave the green light to President Naib Bukhale to contest re-election If you feel comfortable. The president has not yet commented on the resolution.

Addressing the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), the court ruled that “anyone who is president of the Republic and not immediately president in the previous term is allowed to run for a second term.”

After the ruling legislature dismissed the five judges who created it, the judges of the constitutional chamber, which redefined the constitution, were appointed in May.. Attorney General Raul Melara was also removed from office at the time.

Former judges of the Constituent Assembly have argued that Section 152 “prohibits the re-election of anyone who has been President of the Republic for more than six consecutive months, with immediate effect, or within the last six months prior to the commencement of the presidency.” Therefore, a President must wait two terms to run again.

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The parliamentary committee of the former left-wing FMLN Gorilla also took to Twitter to denounce the judicial resolution as “clearly unconstitutional”, denouncing it as “powerful”.

The first company to rule on the verdict was the TSE, which said in a statement that it “complied” with the court’s decision.

The TSE insists that “he will abide by the rules establishing the President’s” option of registration “” because the court’s rulings are “unacceptable and compelling”. The political party nominates him for the post.

Bukele, 40, has a high reputation for supporting the right-left bipartisan regime rooted in El Salvador for three decades and allowing him to run for president in 2019. Some near the town were invited, but were criticized by the opposition for the dictatorial stigma attached to the construction of the modern hospital and the accelerated vaccination program that boosted Bukhel’s reputation for managing the Govt-19 epidemic.

Since last May, his new Ideas Party has dominated Congress, allowing it to rule without restrictions.

Buckley’s five-year term ends on May 31, 2024, and thanks to this decision, he can run for re-election the same year.

Jose Miguel Vivango, director of the US Human Rights Watch, responded on Twitter that “the El Salvador Constituent Assembly, which took over from Bukel in May this year, allowed Bukel to stand for re-election.”

“Democracy is on the brink of an abyss in El Salvador,” Vivango warned.

“We are now in a dark age. We need to see what steps this administration will take at the memorial on September 15,” he warned. (UCA).

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By September 15, as El Salvador and other Central American countries celebrate their 200th Independence Day, Vice President Felix Ulova will present a draft constitutional amendment extending the presidency from five to six years.


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