Engine crashes in La Ciba! Angel Tejeda – Vita takes undefeated Real Spain with Diaz’s goal

In the most entertaining game, The Life Ft The real Spain At least (1-0) to finish the seventh day of 2021 Aberdeen, thus Aurinecro suffered its first defeat.

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Angel TejetaThe striker, who last gave the machine the title in 2017, dressed up as the Reds’ hero and gave him three points in the 26th minute of the first half.

And it all started with a play Louis Palma, The left-hander held a three-finger pass with his right hand Tejeta Arrive on time for the meeting and win the goal Perelle. Thus the former law was made in the Municipal Sibino.

Tejeta Reached four points and the size is equal Ramiro Rocca, Who in a night to forget, and Jerry Benson, Ram Olympiad, He hit ahead last Wednesday Platons.

As a result, The Life Moves up to third place in the table with 13 units The real Spain Already in fifth place (11) Marathon For the fourth (12), the previous Won Real Sociedad in Yankee.

The eyes were on La Ziba as the two teams faced each other unaware of the defeat. The locals had previously begun to dominate The real Spain He had not yet settled and was rarely pressed.

For this, ‘Potro’ had to make his first change to 33 Jason Magia He was forced to leave the game due to a muscle problem Tarixon Pack.

Wanted a little forward and on his first intervention he put the left foot looking for angle, but ‘Bipo’ Lopez He flew to avoid the fall of his bow. On the other hand, Louis Palma Many internal diagonals were created and shot, but his shots were always against the target or the body Perelle, Except for hitting the cross section on the filler.

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‘Potro’ took out Carlos Magia And entered Carlos Bernardes, Who had a tie at 65. Picked up a topic that was parked forward Lopez And in the opposite auction he passed Juan Pablo Montes Take it out.

Motagua defeated Honduras Progresso in Morazn

This is a quiet game Armando Castro, Who did not show the cards because there is no guaranteed risk of admission. Center-back added five minutes when he reached 90. Life Clever and began to touch the ball The real Spain He saw how an undefeated person escapes.

The next commitment to the editorial board will be before Motagua September 9 and Life Will go to Puerto Corts to face Platons A day later ‘Primi’ Maradi.


Life: Roberto Lopez; Carlos Arguada, Brian Barrios, Juan Pablo Montes, Carlos Sanchez; Sergio Pena, Roger Sander, Alexander Aguilar, Ederson Fones; Angel Tejeda and Louis Palma.

Real Spain: Michael Perelle; Carlos Magia, Kevin Alvarez, Jr. Garcia, Franklin Flores; Ilse Barona, Devron Garcia, Joe Benavades, Jason Magia; Omar Rosas and Ramiro Rocca.


Life: Savasco entered for Alexander Aguilar, Alvarenga for Ederson Fonez and Edson Palacios for Carlos Arguada.

Real Spain: Dorixon Vulda Jason Mejana, Yeltsin Martinez Ilse Barona, Carlos Bernardes Carlos Mezana and Michael Garcia Ramiro Rocca.

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