Eight minutes in they won the game for us: Fernando Ortiz Mediotaimbo

Monterey, NL /

America He could not maintain his advantage The steel giant And this TD Fernando Ortiz He regretted that Scratched The carelessness of the players turned the game around in eight minutes.

“I love that it’s a game for the fans, but a quick analysis in my mind, there are millions of chances that we can’t achieve and they turn us around in eight minutes. Carelessness, sometimes costly errors, that’s the way that happened, I have no doubt. The team I want to see. , I always want to be on the field, I want to be the protagonist”, he said.

Thano This Saturday the reinforcements showed a happy face, especially Jonathan RodriguezYar scored on his debut Nestor Araujo He had to train more with the team.

“They both did well Jurgen With five, six minutes to go, he came in and tried, which is his ability. Perhaps Nestor still lacked a little practice, but he believed he could do well, and he did well. Jonathan’s is not something we find now, it is in him. He doesn’t have football rhythm, but little by little he picks up more rhythm. I am happy and satisfied with how it is working,” he added.

About the absence Jorge Sanchez In the starting XI, Ortiz opined that he might have his chance against him Toluca If he shows himself ready to play in practice after his nose job on Wednesday.

“George has come from a nose job, after he was more or less 27 years old, 10 training sessions and I respect the right time as a coach, to be able to adapt. “I understand that everyone wants to play, I respect that, I’m of the opinion that everyone needs a process to be there, and if George shows that he’s here on Monday, it will be for him, it’s fun for everyone to play,” he said.

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