The International Space Station releases 78 kilograms of trash into outer space with a new technology | News from Mexico

American company nano shelves Tested new technology in collaboration with Johnson Space Center in ContainerThe company said in a statement that the order would simplify the process of removing garbage generated on the International Space Station (ISS).

Last weekend, the International Space Station crew dumped 78 kilograms of trash from the roof’s airlock, designed by Nanorax. A special container with a capacity of 272 kg was used for testing.Foam, packaging materials, cargo bags, soiled clothing, hygiene products and other items discarded by astronauts were placed.

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The company said the process consists of releasing a bag of debris so that it can then burn up when re-entering the atmosphere without contributing to the creation of space debris. And RT indicates that the airlock, in turn, was reassembled empty.

In the experiment video, he shows how trash is dumped into outer space.

“Collecting debris in space is a long-standing, if not publicly discussed, challenge aboard the International Space Station,” said Bishop Airlock Program Manager Cooper Read. “Four astronauts can produce up to 2,500 kilograms of trash per year, or about two cans of trash per week. As we move into an era where more people live and work in space, this is just as important a job as it is for everyone,” he said.

Currently, the crew aboard the International Space Station has to store the collected trash for several months, waiting for the arrival of the Cygnus cargo ship. Astronauts fill the spacecraft with bags of debris before launching Cygnus from the space station to remove it from orbit, where the entire spacecraft also burns up when it re-enters the atmosphere.

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