Special request made by Dolores Avero to his son Cristiano Ronaldo ‘before he dies’

Manchester, England.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother, Dolores Avero, asked her son to “watch him play again at Sporting Lisbon” before he died, at the club he attended when he was 12 in 1997 and until 2003. Signed for Manchester United.

Dolores Avero was interviewed on “ADN Lyon” when Sporting de Portugal posted a series of “podcasts” on its website and the mother of the “Red Devil” player asked her son: “Let’s see …”

Dolores Avero explained that if Cristiano did not return to the “Lions” club, it would be his grandson “Cristiano”.

During the interview, Grandma was adamant and determined that “at his age he plays better than Ronaldo.”

When Cristiano was like his son, he said, “He has no coach. Today Ronaldo is his son’s teacher.”

He already says, “Dad, I want to play for Sporting when we live in Lisbon.”

“It would be my dream to see the two together in Sporting,” Dolores Avero admitted, explaining how Cristiano Ronaldo is already playing in Manchester United’s basic divisions.

The player’s mother explained that rumors about Cristiano being put in Manchester City at the time were that her son had always told her: “Mom, don’t worry about what I’m saying because I’m going to Manchester (United).

“It was a huge sensation to see the stadium with 75,000 people pronouncing his name,” Dolores Avero said.

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