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many citizens They are facing the end of February without knowing when they will be able to complete all those formalities that they have been waiting for for so long. In desperation they turn to professionals who help them in the process and finally manage to end the “ordeal” they are fighting today with.Public Administration By happy pre-appointment.

Ana Rubio Morales He is the official vice president of the college my boss Aragon and La Rioja And he has a “clear picture” of the current situation. “They call us every day in the office to find out what can be done to solve these problems,” explains Rubio Morales, noting that complaints from his clients come because “it is impossible for them to pick up the phone to resolve doubts and it is not possible to get an appointment online.

“Sometimes the web doesn’t work, and the result is that everything is a disaster,” says this manager. Who helps from his desk with the completion of orphanages, pensions, sick leave or paternity benefits. What is causing all this? “In the situation we are in right now, the simplest actions become science fiction tasks.”

The modus operandi of Rubio Morales is clear: “We get the digital certificate out for our client, so they can later check the progress.” When this certification is completed, the processing is something that follows the cadence it has historically: “Once you start, it doesn’t take long to respond and everything is resolved in a short time.”

Of course, there are previously resolved procedures, either because of less complexity or because the administration understands the importance of such assistance to the applicant. “Widowhood pensions or retirement pensions are the fastest measures,” explains Rubio Morales., which has noted in recent months how the pace has increased “in the administration of parenting benefits.” He concludes, “Non-underwriting benefits take a little longer, but nothing can compare to the delays that occur today in obtaining the designation.”

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“I regret that people who need these procedures have to spend money to be able to complete them,” laments the Aragonese Deputy Chief Administrator, who informed the General Administration: “Taxpayer concern fails, pre-appointment spoils everything and we must unblock it.”

immigration problems

Carlos Rubio Mazas is a criminal attorney specializing in foreign.In this newspaper, he denounced months ago the emergence of “some mafias” who booked appointments in public administrations. And reselling it to people who really need it. “Then in the summer, the prices for these procedures were 70 euros. Today they exceeded 160 euros.”

“I don’t know how they do it, but they get all possible appointments even though they don’t give any advice,” warns this lawyer from Zaragoza, who has found many cases that “everything can be lost because they don’t provide. We don’t have all the necessary documents to get on papers.” “You have to understand that a person who does not have papers resorts to asylum to regularize his situation,” explains Rubio Mazas, Who laments that “these people think of paying large sums of money to unprofessional people, who cheat them, because management does not solve their problems.”

In regards to recourse, which is the most expensive procedure this lawyer usually handles, he comments that “you must take the time to ask questions well and be able to resolve cases properly.” A specific job that can take “a few hours”, which in recent times has not been done with the care it deserves, according to Rubio-Mazas, Because of the pressure on officials: «You notice that the bar has gone down a bit when they ask questions or review documents, but we have to go back to what it was before, because you can’t rush into this kind of negotiation and it’s a procedure you have to devote all the necessary time to» .

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