A couple prevent their car from being stolen using an Apple Airtag

he car theft It’s always around the country, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. In 2022, more than 745,000 car thefts were reported across the country, a number that could be even higher later this year. Luckily, A couple from North Carolina You will not be part of that statistic, from then on They were able to outsmart a thief using a very simple device.

The Apple Airtag saved the day…and the Toyota Camry

Leslie and Antar Mohamed woke up one morning at the beginning of the month to find that their car was missing. “We got up, I looked outside and my wife asked, ‘Hey, do you know your car isn’t in the driveway anymore?'” Antar Muhammad told WRAL News.

Toyota Camry 2022.
Credit: Toyota | politeness

Reviewing footage from the doorbell camera, the North Carolina couple saw burglars sneak in and take them away Toyota Camry. Unfortunately, The Camry is one of the most stolen cars in the United States.And Muhammad was no exception. Fortunately, the couple put an Apple Airtag in the caralong with their wallets, phones, and belongings.

Apple Airtag as a security system

Antar told WRAL News: “One hundred bucks for a 4-pack—it’s one of the best security systems you can own. As soon as we have a new car or a new item—backpack, suitcase, luggage—I open one up and put one in just for security.”

The pair were able to track the stolen Camry with their iPhones and determine the exact location of the car.. Within minutes the authorities arrived, took note of the car’s location and found it.

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Fox News reports that Officers of the Cary Police Department located and recovered the stolen vehicle Just before 11 a.m., just two and a half hours after the couple realized she was missing.

Apple Airtag.
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Apple Airtags have been controversial in the past

Although the place a The Apple Airtag is a cheap and easy way to put a GPS locator in a carSome unscrupulous individuals have used it to stalk people and invade their privacy. A Texas woman reported that she was notified that an Apple Airtag was traveling with her while driving. He drove to a police station, where officers searched the vehicle and found an Airtag attached to it.

Fortunately, Apple has announced that it is taking steps to prevent harassment and invasion of privacy. For example, if you have an iPhone, you’ll get a notification that says, “I found an Airtag moving with you.”

Is it a good idea to use an Apple Airtag as a car security device?

Yes, since there is no subscription fee, as with other GPS units, to power an Apple Airtag, it’s a good idea to use one in your car.. The Airtag is $29, a four-pack is $100, and it’s an inexpensive investment to keep your stuff — and your car — safe.

Apple Airtag.
Credit: Shutterstock

If you are using an Airtag in the car, It is recommended to hide it in a safe place and it is difficult for thieves to find it. That way, if your car gets stolen and they get a notification on their iPhone that there’s an Airtag on board, they can’t find it and throw it away. In the worst case scenario, they may end up abandoning the vehicle.

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