Shakira: The Aesthetic Clinic reveals the singer’s latest touch-ups

Shakira He continues to be in the media limelight after his massive success.TQG‘, his first Musical collaboration with Carol G. Amidst the rousing reception the subject received, he lashed out once more PQA beauty center in Barcelona revealed to Spanish magazine Vanitatis, What are the aesthetic touches? Recently done in Colombia.

According to the publication, the translator of ‘Monotonia’ is not only a perfectionist when creating his songs, but he also pays special attention to his physical appearance. The aesthetic center assured her that she knew what she wanted, how and where she wanted it. It’s accurate measurement and even restricts the specific spot you need to touch.

“When you are with the needle, he tells you: ‘Put me 0.2 toxin here’, and he points to the exact point. ‘Put acid 0.5 there,’ and he points to another precise point. He knows his face well and directs the staff” A clinic source said.

What does Shakira want to touch?

According to the magazine, the most recent thing was done Shakira It’s a lip touch. This can be verified in the promotional video for her perfume, where many fans noticed that the artist’s mouth is very attractive.

“She increased the size of her lips, giving them a juicier and fuller shape,” the article says. “Touches between eyebrows, lips, nasolabial folds (line between nose and mouth) Chin and corner of mouth” adds the announcer.

Likewise, everything “is done on her direct orders, she leaves nothing to chance,” the interviewer said. It should be noted that Shakira never mentions aesthetic touch-ups that are done to make her look more beautiful.

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‘TQG’, Shakira’s new hit with Carol G

Colombian singers Shakira And Carol G. They released the song last Friday.TQG’ (You’re great), her followers see new references to her ex-partners, former Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué and Puerto Rican rapper Anuel AA, respectively.

You go out to look for food; And I thought it was Monopoly” says Shakira in the song.

He adds: “Seeing you with someone new hurt me but I’m ‘quiet’ to my stuff / I forgot we lived and that’s what hurt you“, a letter directly referring to Pique, who has been a source of inspiration for his latest songs on social networks. After an emotional breakdown.

The theme has become a trend and has already received 1.5 million views in the first two hours of its release.

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