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Coup “group of coup d’tat” put Ludovic on the wall, accusing him of betraying the party’s interests for personal and group interests தனிப்பட்ட The former prime minister is surrounded only by obedient people, he supports various activities

It appears that the PNL’s internal power struggles could lead to divisions within the party, with Ludovic putting the ordinance on the wall as there is a group of protesters within the party. The party’s first vice-president, M.E.P. Rares are second by Bocton, Siegfried Muresan and Florin Roman.

They are asking Orban to step down from the party leadership and retain the leadership of the Chamber of Deputies. Raluka Duragn is still waiting, awaiting the reactions of PNL’s “practical” leader Klaus Iohanis. On most national television stations, a series of accusations by opposition groups may have convicted someone who has become a “radical descendant of the Brothers” for years.

The indictment of the anti-Urban camp begins with the public accusations leveled at President Ludovic Orban by PNL general secretary Robert Cicard. He and other anti-Urban groups are demanding his resignation, accusing him of leading the party of his choice last year. Covering up the dissatisfaction of the coup committee, the negotiations with the USR-Plus coalition, on the knees, are used only for their personal benefit, they say, to get the leadership of the Chamber of Deputies.

When the PNL nominated him as prime minister, Robert Cicardo accused Ludovic Orban of trying again to get Florin Q back. In the indictment against Ludovic Orban, a long list of mistakes he had made over the past year was unhesitatingly discovered. “In my view, yes, the PNL lost the elections and came in second after the PSD. During the Urban government, there were many mistakes in infection management and so on. With some people being elevated to public office, we were compared to the PSD last year. The people did not vote (at the PNL headquarters – no.).

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Speaking within the party, it is clear that a new team will have to be chosen at the June or Fall Congress. Unfortunately, because of the talks led by President Orban, we set aside the development platform, ”said Robert Cicardo, PNL general secretary who was at the forefront of those who denied negotiations with the new ruling coalition. He blamed Orban for destroying the party. .

“The PNL needs a committee, not a man to negotiate for the party, not for individuals. More and more colleagues are dissatisfied with the fact that the PNL has provided many important ministries for the development of Romania: European Finance, Transport, Development. President of the Chamber of Deputies The people understood that these positions were given in order to get the post. ”Created by Robert Cicardo, who is part of the reform committee within the PNL, and Emil Bock, the mayor of Cluj-Napoca. He was joined by Eli Bologen, Giorgio Phalke and Florin Roman.

The reasons for the fall in PNL are seen from the inside

MEP, the first vice president of PNL. Rares Bokton analyzed the reason for the party’s poor results, even after the parliamentary elections, and their list is long. The head of the list will also consider the Orban government’s tense relationship with the Romanian Orthodox Church, which is highly trusted by the population, or the removal of uneducated elderly people at religious ceremonies and their sexual harassment. The fine was imposed on PNL. After the December parliamentary elections, the BNL score was even lower, with the persecuted older women wearing masks under their cheeks, blaming the PNL leader for not allowing Gendermary to bald.

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“The palace in the IC was opened and we closed the largest BOR procession, exploited by Pius Paraseva, and led to conflict with the church. In my opinion, the patriot Daniel is a very rational man. There was a backlash, because Romania is not France, “said Ares, quoting Cristo de Conte.

However, Rares Bokton believes that the BNL suffered the most blows following the catastrophic fire at the County Hospital in Pietra Neem, where 10 people were burned alive, and that BNL may have benefited from the film. He must have known how to do this because you, the “grandson of the PSD” of the “second alliance”, were guided by Aonal Arsene. “In the middle of the election campaign, a black swan appeared, which was dangerous to us, which reduced us from 32% to 27%.

It is true that this is a tough blow to the PSD as it is irreversible. The fire in Pietra Niemd, although it did not happen in a hospital coordinated by the Ministry of Health or in a district run by a philanthropist – because it would be catastrophic for us – happened in a county run by a red baron, was approved, Ion Arsen wrote. The hospital that was under his obedience was important because the PSD here is local to authority. But the fact that the health minister belongs to the PNL (Nelu Tataru – no.) Struck us. Drawn in parallel to what happened in the co. If, then, Ludovic Urban and the PNL government had not taken action to move to Belgium and Brussels, Pietra Niemey’s hero doctor, PNL, who jumped to save the lives of some patients in that ward, would have been sprayed because we are under 20%. God forbid, if the doctor dies, the party will not take even 20%, “said MEP Rareş Bogdan.

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