'I don't have much to do with Mexico': Kate Cowell, potential Chivas reinforcement to play for US

Sivas He is working on a reinforcement that marks the history for the club. According to an exclusive from Fox Sports reporter Rodrigo Camacho, the Red and White are in talks to sign him. Kate Cowell A striker who plays for the US national team and scored a goal against Trinidad and Tobago in the Gold Cup.

The potential reinforcement of the attackers has caused controversy among fans as MLS's San Jose Earthquakes soccer player is of Mexican descent and El Rebaño has only Aztec players in its squads, and Cowell is no exception.

However, shortly after announcing his arrival at Verde Valle, a video went viral on social networks in which the forward admitted that he had nothing to do with Mexico. He questioned the signing of Amaury Vergara, Fernando Hierro and Fernando Cago in the squad.

“I don't really have much contact (with Mexico). I only traveled to play soccer.” He announced a few months ago in an interview with journalist Lizzy Becherano for MLS.

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Our partner Rodrigo Camacho advances exclusively for FOX Sports México People close to him have confided this information speaksThis is from two weeks ago Orders of Chivas and San Jose Earthquakes of MLSA club where the 20-year-old forward has spent his entire career.

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Also, there is reported interest in Europe Kate Cowell, whose young age and talents make him a very attractive element. So far, according to the reporter FOX Sports México takes the lead on Chivas economic woes He should be employed in this 2024 endsIt starts for the Herd when they host Santos Laguna on Saturday, January 13.

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