Does diet influence sick leave?

The science and nutrition binomial is indivisible. Each food we eat causes diverse and highly varied reactions in our body. That of “We are what we eat”Is a universal truth. So much Elena Perez What Maria Hernandez-Alcala They realized long ago that eating and nurturing are two different terms in the diet. “Learning to eat forever is a responsibility that depends solely on us. We only have one body to live and we must take care of it to get the most out of it.“, Say these two biochemists, who are also mother and daughter and co-founders of Futurlife 21.

And why 21? Easy. As the CEOs explain, Futurlife21 It is 21 because it belongs to the 21st century, because it takes 21 days to acquire a habit and because 21 grams say it is the weight of the soul. Both businesswomen can boast of being the ‘queens of nutrition’ in Instagram, since his account in this social network already has around 470,000 followers.

Elena Pérez and María Hernández-Alcalá, co-founders of Futurlife21

Healthy, rich and easy diet

– How did the idea of ​​starting Futurlife21 come about?

The idea comes from long ago, when I started taking educational courses in schools for parents and caregivers of people with brain damage. The purpose was to optimize the nutrition of these groups. I immediately realized that this education could be extended to the rest of the population to contribute to an improvement in the quality of life of individuals and families if knowledge of science and cooking were properly applied at home.

At that moment he was very clear about what he wanted. But, I felt incapable of launching something as ambitious as it was “change the world forever”. It was then that I asked my daughter María for help and thanks to her we were able to give shape and visibility to this project, which is becoming more and more fascinating and motivating for us. Every day we get new ideas to reach more people and change their lives through knowledge and practice. In Futurlife the concepts of healthy food, rich food and easy food have been merged.

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A scientific nutrition course

– How does the plan work?

More than a plan, it is a nutrition course that lasts two months in which with scientific rigor, from the knowledge that we both have as biochemists, but with simple language, we transmit responsibility for our well-being in seven classes to the students. And why and why we eat, explaining what nutrients do in our cells, why fat accumulates, how it can be burned, what is an inflammatory diet, etc. So that they understand it and can apply it while they are learning to manage the purchase and to cook rich, fast and balanced. The idea is to get free people who do not need us and understand the reactions of the body and can have the necessary tools and do what is in their power to solve them.

– What audience is your proposal aimed at? Is there a specific profile that demands more services?

The truth is that we have audiences of all profiles, professions and ages. Fathers, mothers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, families … Women are almost 70% of the people who come to our courses. Regarding age, it is surprising because we have a range that goes from 20 to 65/70 years.

– How has the pandemic affected the business? Traditionally, nutrition companies receive their clients in person. How has it been to operate solely online?

The truth is that not only have we not noticed it, but it has been great. Many people have started cooking at home because there was no other option and they have started to take care of themselves. In addition, we already had the online option implemented, so it did not take us too much effort to do everything by this method. As we have already mentioned, we are not really a nutrition company, but an educational center. Therefore, it is not so necessary to receive in person.

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Meal.  Healthy nutrition.  Vegetables

Does diet influence job performance?

– Is eating healthy a fad or a habit that has really come to stay?

We believe that the population is increasingly aware that it has to take care of itself. What happens is that many times we confuse taking care of ourselves with eating a lettuce leaf and a chicken fillet, this kills anyone, so no habit is established in the diet.

– Does a good diet influence job performance? What advice would you give to all those people who have to eat at the “tupperware” office? Can you keep a good balance?

Obviously, correct nutrition influences mood and work performance, even in sick leave due to depression. The population needs training because we think that the bad thing is to be ‘fat’ and that if you are thin in the office tupper, anything can go and that is a big mistake. The least bad thing about eating badly is whether you gain weight or not. ‘Futur’ food is perfect for rich and balanced tuppers that help us maintain physical, mental and emotional health. Which translates into being more focused, having more energy and a better mood.

Almost 500,000 followers on Instagram

– Your business model has been very successful on social media. Especially Instagram. How have you managed to position yourself so clearly on this platform?

It has been a lot of work and learning from our own mistakes. I think that the science-kitchen combo and the closeness that we transmit is one of the keys to success on this platform. In turn, taking care of social networks is a ‘great job’. It is true that it is something that we have never delegated to anyone, we have always done it ourselves.

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– What is the key to knowing how to show yourself so well on social networks?

I think naturalness and empathy are key. I would also say that it transmits a lot of professionalism and scientific rigor. One of our keys has been to create a wonderful community like the one we have, we try to teach in favor of health and not belittle other accounts or figures. Knowledge makes you free, is our motto.

To cook.  Feeding.

Nutrition innovation

– How do you innovate in nutrition? Do you use technology in your work?

Of course you can innovate. We have given a very important turn to nutrition, since people linked it to eating leaves and being on a diet. It had to be modernized, given a modern touch and, above all, rich, where people could feel that they are establishing habits that make them enjoy forever. One of our strengths is the workshops, we really enjoy being able to carry out workshops with so many people live where they can ask and participate. It is like a television show, but interactive.

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