Do you remember Father Alberto? 12 years after being caught kissing a woman, he reveals the details he reveals

Alberto throws strong responses to those who criticized him for violating celibacy and to those who spoke in great detail about that embarrassing moment.

This is one of the biggest scandals of 2009. Famous father Alberto was not photographed in a woman’s company on the beaches of Miami; On the contrary, he was caught up in a compromise situation.

In a recent “with him” interview, Alberto did not censor, revealing how he faced that moment that ended his life.

Alberto Guttick came up with a sweet way to talk about the event, for which he was harshly criticized and isolated.

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In his YouTube program “Father Alberto Speaks Clearly”, Alberto sent a letter to Alberto from 2009 to 2021, in which he raised the same situation in which he lived; This forced him to abandon his priesthood and find an answer.

“Congratulations, Father Alberto, I hope you are well. I tell you I did not have a good time. I have made a decision. I am paying for the consequences of this decision that many have not spoken of. Some so-called friends have tried, condemned and abandoned me,” the letter said.

Then there were a series of questions in the letter. In the same letter, he asked, “Will love be enough to pass this test? Over time, will people understand my decision? Have I made the right decision?

However, from time to time, Father Alberto, from 2009 onwards, insisted on knowing the following from 2021: “What happens in your head when you know that photos of you and your girlfriend will appear? A magazine? Do you regret broken celibacy? What did you learn from these? Can you judge and forgive those who turn you away? If you had the opportunity to go back to the past, what would you do differently? What advice, or what would you say, to Alberto Cutie 12 years ago? ”.

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It was then that the former priest revealed that a journalist had invited him to talk about some of the upcoming photos; But he surprised her by saying he already knew.

“I have been thinking about this for some time. God willing, I could continue as a married priest, with children, with a family … The next day it was definitely hard to see that card, look at those photos I didn’t see, all of a sudden they said something about celibacy on the cover he remembered.

Since 2021 Father Alberto has assured that what has hurt him the most is not uncritical or accusatory, but the idea that he may have missed God.

I knew from the beginning that I had to apologize and I apologized to my audience, my people, and everyone. The most important thing is not to fail God, but if you ask me what is so difficult, I have somehow failed the promise I made before God and I do not want to do that, ”he explained.

He emphasized that he had learned from all of this. “I know that people who love you do not need many explanations or many excuses. He who does not love you and rejects you will not receive them no matter how many explanations and excuses you give him,” he promised.

Finally, Father Alberto was very strong with this message: “In my life, thank God, I have always been able to receive a lot of forgiveness, except for what God has given me, and my wife always tells me that things slip a lot, especially the most important things that are not. Let someone who knows me judge me, who knows my heart and mind, not everyone on the street has an opinion, ”he stressed.

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