A sad Barcelona Zelda bids farewell to La Liga with defeat against Brenza Libre

Ronald Comon consoles Lionel Messi in Barcelona’s defeat to Zelda de Vigo on the final day of the league. (Free press photo: AFP).

A double from Shanti Mina gave Vaiko the win at Camp Nou, who found Leo Messi’s opening goal, who could have played his last match at the Forsyth Fifth.

Barcelona’s hibernating fantasy of doubling the league and Copa del Rey turned into a possibility in the spring, when he lifted a second and relied on himself to win the first, but in the last five games (one win, two draws and two losses) it was impossible.

La Liga is already a matter between Atletico and Real Madrid, the two teams that won this Sunday afternoon, which means Barcelona will not have title options on the final day of victory for Barcelona.

The Waikoloa face a setback in the hot match, when center-back Joseph Ido noticed some awkwardness, forcing Eduardo Coud Tet to replace him. The selected player is Vice President Carlos Tomanzuez.

Barcelona started the game with a return to attack, but without clear shots against Ivan Villar. Only Antoine Griezmann in the 10th minute, after Messi’s inner pass, was face to face with the visiting goalkeeper and could not beat him. Shortly afterwards, the Argentine ran into the midfield just before looking for the goalkeeper’s right hand on the front lane, but the shot went wide.

Shanti Mina is greeted by her teammates after scoring in Zelda’s match against Bar எதிரானa. (Free press photo: AFP).

On the other hand, on the 28th Messi did not miss a ‘delicacy’ of Sergio Busquets, who put the ball a millimeter in the head. This is Persia’s 30th goal in the league, up from 25 last year. Since the 2009-2010 season, it has failed to reach thirty goals in the league on three occasions (2013-2014, 2015-2016 and 2019-2020).

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The joy of Messi’s goal did not last long for Barcelona. Especially until the 38th minute, a strong shot from the edge of the venue in Zelda’s first game froze Mark-Andre der Stegen, who could not see the path of the ball because his teammate Gerard Pique blocked it.

But the disability of the Catalan people went from theory to practice in all its glory. Lenglet was sent off for a double yellow card in the 83rd minute. Shanti Mina presented the end of the Catalan play and the Galician epic, using Augusto Solari’s rejection of a stick to a poisoned center to defeat the ruined Der Stegen of 89.

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