Supermodel Bella Hadid breaks down in tears for Palestine

New York, USA.

American supermodel Bella Hadid People once again came out of security Palestine, Where is your place? Estate, With a message on his Instagram page, in which he speaks History of his family.

“I love my family, I love my heritage, I love Palestine. I will stand firm to keep in your heart your hope for a better land. A better world for our people and the people around them. They can never Destroy our history. History is history! “, Said, who sought networks on other occasions Support for Palestine.

Hadith who took part in the Saturday night march in support Palestine In Brooklyn New York County, go with your photo and your message Abu Velos, Kyria Taher Hadith O Anwar Hadith, On their wedding day, who Eight children, Among them was their father, Mohammad Hadith, As you may recall.

He added, “They were taken away from their homesn Palestine in 1948, Refugees in Syria, then Lebanon, then Tunisia “.

According to the New York Post, Hadith He marched in traditional kefi at the parade Palestine flag And a Symbol of peace.

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The march in support of Palestine took place after the escalation Conflict between Israel and Palestine, Which is being analyzed by the Security Council today United Nations.

This indicates before the march Quote sample He released a video in support of his father’s homeland, which includes a film Tears It ran down his face.

“You can’t buy a viewing numbness Human life. You can’t. Life Palestinians They are the ones who will help change the world. Secondly they take it from us.# Liberal Palestine “The newspaper reported that the text was accompanied by a video. EFE

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