Warning in Peru as Cyclone Yaku passes through causing heavy rains in many areas

(CNN Spanish) — Peru’s President Dina Boluarte traveled this Saturday with a delegation of several ministers to Tumbes, Piura, Lambayeque and La Libertad, the areas most affected by the heavy rains of the past days due to the passage of the typhoon. Yaku..

During his visit to these areas, the President made himself available to the regional authorities to provide them with humanitarian assistance and to meet the primary needs.

“We will continue to advance what local and regional authorities request of us, and we will be ready to attend immediately, not only to deliver, but also to travel to see the problem on the spot,” Polwart added.

Defense Minister Jorge Chavez said heavy rains already left by Cyclone Yaku in the northern part of the country will increase what is expected in regions further south and in the capital Lima.

“Yaku from the north is coming down, which is going to increase the rain in Lima, which will increase the flow of the Rimac, Lurin and Cillon rivers.”

Peru has been in its rainy season since September 2022, and according to a report published this Friday by the National Institute of Civil Defense (Indesi) and the National Emergency Operations Center (COEN), 58 people have died, 57 have been injured and are there. Eight people are missing. Also, 8,222 people have been infected so far and 33,000 have been affected.

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