NASA’s Crew-5 spacecraft has already left the International Space Station and is returning to Earth

NASA’s Crew-5 mission has already left the International Space Station and returned to Earth (REUTERS)

task Crew-5 US space agency Pot And SpaceX Finally gave up early this Saturday morning International Space Station Return trips without problems land.

The A group of four – Americans Josh Cassada And Nicole Aunabu MannThe Japanese Koichi Wakata And Russian Anna Kikhina-, who spent nearly six months in the space lab, Landing in waters near Florida this Sunday night, According to NASA, in the US, specifically “near Tampa, on the west coast of the state”.

“The crew is incredibly proud of the work we did while there. We’re excited to return to that beautiful planet of ours and those wonderful people.” Cassada made the comments in the last hour.

Saturday at 02:20 local time, ship Dragon Known as SpaceX’s Endurance, journeyed through the darkness of space. Its unveiling was broadcast live by the agency and coverage will end with its arrival on planet Earth.

The crew spent six months conducting space probes (AP) on the ISS.

This is “Mission Audio” Space includes live discussions between astronauts and flight controllers and support staff at laboratories in the United States.

Due to weather problems, the departure was stopped twice last Wednesday and Thursday. Group members will be replaced Crew-6It finally arrived on the ISS March 3 Responsible for the next six months.

About Stephen Bohn And Warren Hoburg mission commander and pilot- and experts from NASA Sultan Al Nejadi -in United Arab Emirates Space Agency– and Andriy Fedayov – from Russian Roscosmos-.

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His work is mainly based on wayfinding Human study Beyond low Earth orbit and To improve life on Earth”, NASA commented, in turn announcing that it planned 2024 A Human journey to the moonAs a part of Project Artemis.

The Crew 6 mission took over at the ISS and will remain there for another six months (REUTERS)

For its part, outbound work came October 6 The ISS spent six months—after about a 30-hour journey—to the space lab Scientific and technical experiments and station maintenance works.

This is the first mission to the station aboard SpaceX, which launched in 2020. A woman commanded: American member Wailaki Tribe-Round Valley Indian, Nicole Aunabu MannThe first member of this community to reach space.

Through a so-called commercial plan with private companies such as Elon Musk, which signed a contract for $2.6 billion in 2014, NASA resumed missions to the ISS from US territory, something it has not done since the end of the program. Boats in 2011.

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