The 5 most anticipated premieres on Netflix and HBO Max in December

After a long year, hundreds of these movies were released on streaming content sites Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video And Hulu, Among other things, December is also the time when many films fighting for the most important awards will be shown in early 2022.

Netflix’s special event is this month’s spectacularly featured movies and very interesting storylines that will try to grab the attention of such award voters. Oscar Oh go Golden Globe. HBO, on the other hand, will finalize a deal with Max Warner Bros. to release its films simultaneously with theaters, including The Matrix Resurrections, one of the most anticipated films of this year. ”

The power of the dog

Stage: Netflix

Premiere: December 1

Nominated, Oscar for Best Actor for “The Imitation Game” Benedict Cumberbatch, Phil classifies an attractive and moody farmer named Burbank, causing fear and awe to those around him. When his brother brings home a new wife and son, Burbank persecutes them until they reveal the possibility of falling in love. Rumors are already circulating that Cumberbatch may be among the nominees for the Oscars again.


Stage: Netflix

Premiere: December 10

The actress has acted Sandra Bullock, Ruth Slater, re-enters the society with the character of a woman who was convicted of a violent crime and released from prison and refuses to forgive her past. Both Bullock and the film, which won an Oscar in 2010 for “The Blind Side”, sound like strong contenders for the most important awards.

The Matrix Renaissance

Stage: HBO Max

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Premiere: December 22

Kinu Reeves And Gary-Anne Moss They bring to life the characters of Neo and Trinity in the fourth edition of the story “The Matrix”. The plot of this film directed by Lana Wachowski, Although a short film has already been seen, has been kept secret until now. The Warner Bros. movie will be released simultaneously in theaters and on the HBO Max platform.

Do not look up

Stage: Netflix

Premiere: December 24

Packed with such mega stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Timothy Chalamet, Cate Blanchett, Jonah Hill Y Haryana Grande, Among other things, the film sounds strong as a nominee for several awards this season as it begins. In the film, two lower-level astronomers (DiCaprio and Lawrence) undertake a giant media tour to warn mankind of an approaching comet destroying Earth.

The last daughter

Stage: Netflix

Premiere: December 31

The quiet story of a woman’s rediscovery while on vacation in a beautiful setting in Italy (Olivia Coleman), Will soon become the story of a fierce conflict with an unstable past that will put her to the test. The film dominated the Gotham Awards at the Independent Film Awards on November 29. This is also the film in which the actress makes her directorial debut Maggie Gillenhall.

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