Do not mix homeland and life with your personal problems

Cuban artist Yotuel romero He asked Decimer is good Do not mix the title Homeland and life After he was made public, with his personal issues A profit sharing Of that song Michael Osorbo and El Funky denied.

Translators and composers of the Funo song this Thursday morning said they would receive a 15% profit, while Osorbo and Funky would receive only 5, which he disagreed with.

Michael was the first Go out and make it clear that the profit distribution is in equal parts, And thanked Yoduel for inviting him to participate in the “National Anthem”.

In the project of youtuber Adrienne Fernandez, Dezmer and Yoduwell had a confrontation over the matter, and Yodul explained that Dezmer had expired with percentages because he left the WhatsApp group to touch on these matters, I had locked his phone.

“This song was initially a remix, so early percentages. What happened was you left the WhatsApp group and blocked my phone, which is why you didn’t get many messages,” Yodule explained.

Dessemer immediately responded that he had blocked Yodulin’s phone for allowing presenter Alexander Ottola, a singer-songwriter who had a legal dispute and a long media battle, to speak about him on his show.

“I hung up your phone because I sent you a series of messages, I did not like your responses. That’s not the way I work, but a program like this can not be destroyed by Alexander Ottola,” Dezmer said. Yoduval.

“But what does this have to do with Ottola? I don’t understand,” he asked.

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“That’s what helped me stop you,” Dezmer replied. “Otola told me not to let you use your name. I need you.”

Dezmer gave a specific note A Telemundo project in which he participated And promotion Homeland and life, Ottola joked that Yottwell then sent the singer-songwriter to non-working shows, he said. In addition, Preciosa’s translator said he went out to fight on networks with critics of Yoduel or Gente de Sona.

“I stopped you for that because you don’t have the balls to tell Ottola [que parara]”Dezmer replied.

Yodoul, who did not believe in DeSamer’s change, made it clear that he did not have to fight for anyone because he did not do it himself, and asked not to mix personal things with professional things: “Do you mix everything, what do you do? Are homeland and life related to those personal issues?”

“I’m not going to tell anyone how to do their plan”Yottuvel also clarified.

“Someone should use your name to insult me,” Dezemmer reiterated. “I will not allow it. We are together on the same song.”

The former Orishas member advised Tessemar not to let his personal issues with Otola continue to affect his career and his talent as a musician.

The confrontation lasted several minutes and the two musicians maintained their positions. Dessemer promised not to like his percentage Homeland and life Because “I make money from more business songs”, and I will donate it entirely to the San Isitro movement.

Yodule percentage confirmed Homeland and life It was in equal parts – 12.5 for each – and the benefits of YouTube from the utility company, that song makes more profit, Donated to the San Isitro Movement.

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