Cubans react to Vivir del Quento’s latest episode of “Puppets” on social media

After the first scene, Cubans posted dozens of comments on social media “Puppets”, The latest episode of the popular comedy series Long live the story.

The audience highlighted that this installment was packed “Small Big News” Social critique aired on “Prime Time”, the most watched channel on national television. They thanked Luis Silva and his team.

“Puppetry” is the second episode of the current season Long live the story. Dedicated Censorship of artwork in Cuba. Its release was highly anticipated after the project was affected Interruption in your transaction For a few weeks.

Isidoro’s role as a Cuban actor (young gay man and the only representative of the new generation) Marlon Bijuan Hernandez, He wore a black pullover in which the phrase can be read: “I’m not going to wait until things change. I’ve already changed.”.

The brief text showed the intent to open the discussion What is happening in Cuba The importance of accepting and discussing changes in the socio-cultural field and in new generations.

Not only is this message highlighted in the chapter, but it is one that has been commented on and interpreted in many different ways by Cubans.

It had the participation of actors called “puppets” Gretel dog fish, Ruben Tario Salazar (National Drama Award) and Rennesito de la Cruz.

Image capture on Facebook

The The story of this chapter was created in a theater workshop Near Panfillo (Louis Silva). The neighbor decides to make a play with the toys to show the everyday problems of the community but a “persuasive” officer begins to censor every detail.

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Topics critically acclaimed include food crisis, resistance, illegality, difficulties in obtaining electrical appliances due to their high value, poor quality of some national products and The impact of the elderly in CubaIn particular, those who live off their check book.

“Reality must be told responsibly,” says the play’s auditing officer. The man starts a little bit Change the story until it becomes a product without important messages It therefore does not achieve its purpose of transforming the complex reality of the Panfillo environment.

Neighbors create all the themes they plan for in their work. At the top there is a clash between Panfillo and Sagan’s puppets. The disagreement between the Cubans was not accepted by the actors. However, they find the show and cover it with a song … Manicero.

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