Dini Stozel couldn’t hold back and burst out with a message for Rodrigo de Paul after Argentina’s win.

Tinistoessel dedicates a love message to Rodrigo de Paul after Argentina win – Thanks: @Instagram: @tinistoessel

Argentina football team qualified for the quarter finals this Saturday of the World Cup Qatar 2022 Beating Australia 2-1. Lionel Messi and Julian Alvarez were the ones responsible for giving him the edge And, after great success, Rodrigo de Paul’s girlfriend Tini Stoessel revealed herself through social media.

De Paul’s passionate kiss with Dini Stosel in Argentina concentration: “recharging energies”

On the opening day of the World Cup, Argentina unexpectedly lost 2-1 against Saudi Arabia., who ultimately failed to qualify for the next event. In that match, he was among those targeted by the public on social media Rodrigo De Paul and, in this context, the “Triple D” singer also received criticism.

Tini Stosel tweets after Argentina's win over Australia

Tinistoessel’s tweet after Argentina’s win over Australia – Thanks: @Twitter: tinistoessel

However, Tini Stozel was at the stadium against Mexico, Poland and Australia. After the big hit, he posted a tweet. “Come on Argentina damn it”, Wrote with many Emoji National flag and red hearts. The message crossed 30 thousand Like it A few minutes later.

Tini Stosel tweets after Argentina's win over Australia

Tinistoessel’s tweet after Argentina’s win over Australia – Thanks: @Twitter: Tinistoessel

But that’s not all, minutes later he tweeted: “Rodrigo I love you” And his picture Celebrating qualifying for the quarter finals.

Tini Stoessel festejó with her father Alejandro and her brother Francisco win Argentina

Tinistoessel celebrates Argentina’s victory with his father Alejandro and his brother Francisco – Thanks: @Instagram: tinistoessel

Minutes after the match, the artist retweeted a story uploaded by her brother Francisco, in which her father Alejandro Ahmed bin Ali can be seen hugging her in the stands. “Argentina I love you”wrote the singer who was very happy with the performance of her boyfriend and the group in general.

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De Paul’s message: “We were superior”

Speaking to the press after Argentina secured their ticket to the Qatar 2022 quarter-finals, The Atletico de Madrid midfielder said “It’s a very tough World Cup, I heard today that no team has ever finished the group stage without a top score. The World Cup is very equal. And on the team’s performance today, he said:Must watch the whole game. We were superior and had moments of total football at times. Again we had 10 men (Messi) opened the game”.

He assured about public support in Qatar, “People are very emotional, able to bring joy to their homes, I was on that side, I was a boy, I felt the emotion of seeing the team and I. The cheering did not stop”. To close by saying that “People give me great joy, today is extraordinary, I tell people that we need them, they felt themselves.”

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