When will the ship’s entry into Earth take place?

The Orion capsule Pot The first maneuver for this started yesterday Leave its distant retrograde lunar orbit With the ignition of the engines, in this way, it begins its journey back to Earth.

function of Ignition machine It happened at 22:53 Spanish Peninsular Time After 1 minute and 45 seconds of waiting, in addition, thanks to the images sent by the capsule to the Johnson Space Center (Houston), it can be seen in real time.

At that time, according to the pictures, the ship It was 382,721 kilometers away land and 85,214 kilometers from the Moon. The return trip will end with a crater in the Pacific Ocean on December 11. Additionally, the purpose of this mission is to reduce the impact of space radiation on humans.

Once Orion returns home, the NASA team continues to check the star observatories to measure their positions and determine the capsule’s orientation. Further, is on the last leg of his journey After breaking the distance record for a ship designed to carry a crew, still a The new fuel will burn on December 5.

This action takes place when Orion is about 120 kilometers from the lunar surface to reach Earth. As mentioned above, The ship will land in the Pacific Ocean on December 11Taking into account that NASA and the US Navy have launched rescue trials in the coastal area California.

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