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home Minister, The former head of the Department of Transport and Communications made a mistake while referring to the situation Saying that “ran away from the country”But later corrected the sentence.

“I believe that a person who has left the country should be found, yes or no, regardless of what I believe or not. This person is abscondingHe pointed out in a conversation with Channel Me.

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When asked if Silva Villegas had fled Peru, Chenmache clarified his words He also explained that according to the information he got, that did not happen.

“Our theory is that this person is here in Peru, and we’re looking for him, and we’re finding him. If I had the ability and the knowledge to know where he is now, I would move all 137,000 troops to capture him.”He insisted.

I don’t think (he fled the country). All the information the police have is that the man is still in the country and we are going to find him.he added.

With respect Congress of the RepublicOwner minter A pointed out “negotiation” By Chairman of the Board of Directors. “(It’s in my mind), absolutely. Most people get it.”He underlined.

Interior Minister Dimitri Chenmache made a mistake when referring to the situation of Juan Silva, the former head of the Department of Transport and Communications, when he said “he fled the country”, but later corrected the sentence. (Video: Channel N)
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As recalled, 78 votes in favor, 29 votes against and 8 abstentions. and Karaveli, who died in clashes between artisanal miners in Arequipa.

He denies ever leaving the country.

Meanwhile, the National Observatory of Migration The former minister reiterated that Juan Silva Villegas did not register an exit through immigration or border checkpoints.

“Within the framework of the current legal system, migration guarantees strict compliance with exit prevention orders issued by the judiciary”He underlined.

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