Did they pay you? The United States sued Porto for the transfer of Augustin Marchesin and Mateus Uribe.

Azulgrema went to FIFA to claim the Portuguese team’s debt due to transfers three years ago.

Porto Marchesin and Eurip were delayed in payment.
© Figure 7Porto Marchesin and Eurip were delayed in payment.

Three years ago America sold Augustine Marchesin and Mateus Uribe to Porto. In actions independent of each other, but what do they mean? 20 million dollars to Azulgremas treasuryThe money seemed to be paid off without too much trouble by the Portugal team.

however, A FIFA document has been released It revealed that The people of Goba made a request to the dragons Before the highest body of international football for not paying the footballers who were transferred at that time. This process starts from 2021.

“The Defendant, FC Porto, shall pay the Claimant the outstanding wages of EUR 869,348 plus 5% annual interest for the amount of EUR 643,342 from July 1, 2021 until the date of payment”It reveals the clarified document FIFA accepted the Eagles’ claim.

Credit through Porto is worth mentioning It was already completely coveredSo Azulcremas claims had resonance Also, they received the amount specified by the body in its resolution.

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