Did he make fun of Kevin Durand? Controversial reaction of Tremond Green to the removal of the Nets in the playoffs


During the sweep that gave the Boston Celtics the Brooklyn Nets in the 2022 NBA playoffs, Tremond had a controversial reaction. Did he make fun of Kevin Durand?

Tremond Green and Kevin Durant
© Illustrated by Brad Mangin / Sports by Getty ImagesTremond Green and Kevin Durant

At the beginning of the season NBA 2021-22The first candidate to win the 2022 title had a first and last name, Brooklyn netsBut injuries, absence and James hardens the transfer Led to clear him By Boston Celtics in the playoffs.Tremond Green Do not hesitate to react!

When Golden State Warriors by Stephen CurryGreen and company are alive in the 2022 playoffs, not a good time for Durant After appearing to the Nets 0-4 in the first round. Did he make fun of his ex-partner in Tremond Dubs?

Tremond Green did not stop at anything inside and outside the court, so he did not think twice Five smiling facial emojis Kevin Durant and Brooklyn react during the Nets’ elimination and sweep 2022 Playoffs.

Green’s controversial reaction came as a result Jason Todd was also expelled Boston is in a contentious Game 4 game between the Celtics and the Nets, so it is unreasonable to think that his reaction was not mocking. Kevin Durant But the collection of the arbitrators. The Golden State Warriors star destroyed it all.

Did he make fun of Katie? Green’s reaction to the removal of the Nets in the playoffs

“Did they think I was laughing when the nets were cleared? I’m a little cheeky than that. At least you can give it credit. “, Was the explanation of Tremond Green The first reaction he received to the dismissal and sweep of Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets in the 2022 NBA playoffs.

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