“The Kircheneria was a wider area than Lakampura”

Minister of Security of the State of Buenos Aires, Sergio Bernijoined the new conflict that has erupted within the Todos Front (FdT) by accusing Kirchnerism, the forces led by the Vice President Cristina Fernandez de KirchnerAnd To get the participation of “new actors” who “have nothing to do with this project” founded in Santa Cruz. “The Kirchneria was a wider space than La Cámpora and that was one of the reasons I left the space,” he said.

Bernie asserted that he continues to “progress” and that he “is not analyzing the past” because, as he explained, when political disagreements arise with space, “the best thing to do is to step aside and face a new path.” He said in statements to radius profile.

In this way, the Minister of the Governor Axel Kisilo He revived the flames of the fire that broke out against the most difficult sections of the Kirchneria after his meeting with the National Deputy and the leader of La Campora, Maximo KirchnerAfter Bernie bragged about the social leader’s imprisonment John Graboa In his role as Secretary of Security to former President Christina Kirchner. At that time, the current Vice President’s son answered him during a speech at Merlo. He said, “Sometimes, I feel embarrassed when I hear leaders fighting on TV sketches Comedians to see who puts in jail for blocking the street. You have to take care of the administration, you have to take care of security, you have to take care of the food, and the work.”

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In addition, his statements come after the Minister of Development of the Buenos Aires Community and also the leader of La Cámpora, Andres LarroqueThey shot the Minister of Economy, Martin GuzmanBecause no one voted for him. “At least I didn’t know him. On October 27, 2019 I didn’t know about him, but that’s because of my ignorance. Now, I think no one voted for him”, expelled another of the Kirchnerist group aides.

On this Tuesday, Bernie ruled out his exit from the Kirchnery as being linked to an electoral issue and argued that “it’s about cohesion” because “politics is going through a crisis that has destroyed principles and flags and has become a kind of business.” He added, “Corruption is not only material, but it is also related to an honest look to say what we think and do what we say.”

In any case, he clarified that “it would be hypocritical not to think about the future” because as a “fighter” he has “a goal of being a candidate”. “It is not possible to take a decision yet because the majority spaces will be reconstituted, and it is necessary to know the tactics and strategy of the upcoming elections,” he added.

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