Bad Bunny joins Marvel to star in the Spider-Man movie “El Murdo”.

Urban plot Benito Antonio Martinez OcacioKnown artistically Bad rabbitWill join the universe of Wonderful To star in the new movie about the Spider-Man character “El Muerto”.

The announcement comes as Bad Rabbit looks amazing at Cinemacon in Las Vegas. President of Sony Motion Picture Team, Sanford PanitchEl Muerto will be released on January 12, 2024, according to various media reports, such as the particular newspaper Deadline.

“It’s amazing, it’s amazing. I love wrestling. I grew up watching wrestling, I’m a wrestler. I’m a former champion, so I like this character. I think it’s the right character for me and it’s epic.Pat Bunny told the workplace.

El Murdo will be the first Latin superhero to have his own “live-action” movie in the universe of Marvel characters.

According to the deadline, there was a lot to do with the development of this film in finding the right superhero for Bad Bunny.

After several encounters, Puerto Rican takes matters into his own hands and begins to explore the history of Spider-Man in search of suitable Latin characters for him. Finally, until he finds El Muerto. Sony liked this idea.

According to the website of WonderfulEl Muerto, also known as Juan Carlos, is a wrestler whose powers and masks are passed down from generation to generation.

“Every fighter has to prove himself to his opponent El Dorado to stay alive and retain his powers. When Marcus Estrada introduced his son Juan Carlos to El Dorado, Juan Carlos was scared and did not want to fight with him. El Dorado appreciates his father’s bravery and allows Juan Carlos to travel for ten years and be brave, then fights with a masked wrestler and takes off his mask, “the website explains.

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After the deadline, El Murdo organized a benefit event in which he would fight against Spider-Man, which he almost unleashed in battle. However, Spider-Man stabbed El Muerto with his stingers and injected freezing poison.

Spider-Man saves El Muerto from hospital when El Torado comes to take his life. El Muerto came and helped Spider-Man defeat El Torado. El Dorado managed to escape before they could defeat him.Marvel mentions.

Sony said it hopes to design the project quickly due to the artist’s busy music schedule.

Bad Bunny makes his debut in his main studio on July 29 with the first scene of the action movie Bullet Train. Also, Puerto Rican has participated in the Narcos series.

“Working on the Bullet Train was an incredible experience. David (Leach) is awesome. I really wanted to work with him on my first film and now I want to revive El Murdo with this opportunity. “Urban layer added.

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