Deferment rates: “a dose of oxygen costs”

The head of the Financial Services Users Association in Romania, Allen Iacob, told RFI that the payment deferral is a “dose of oxygen that costs a lot”. why? Just because in the premium exemption period the interest is accumulated which will then be added to future installments, after the payments resume. “From the calculations that we made, for a personal needs loan, there could be increases starting from 4 per cent, and for real estate loans they could be higher and could reach ten per cent. Now it is very important and at what time of the loan you are because it is not it. Same as being at the start of the loan when the interest rate share is much higher, or at the end, when the stake is much lower. “It’s also important for the interest rate you pay.” The solution is for each client to think twice before deciding to delay Paying installments and not doing so unless absolutely necessary. Also, the head of the Financial Services Users Association in Romania advises creditors to ask the bank to run simulations so that they know what to do if they continue to resort to this solution. As for the banks, they did not lose anything and made sure that they remained The profit is the same. Are we still talking about solidarity? Find out the answer by listening to the full interview …

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