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Through social networks, businessman Osman Katiri showed what it was like the moment he told his employees that he would distribute one million euros to all employees. The incentive was granted after OK Mobility, and directed by it, has had very positive financial results during this year, registering an increase of 60% compared to the previous periods.

During the year-end meeting, held at Son Moix Stadium in Real Mallorca, the owner of the company Simulate a drawing that is actually notified between workersSome of them are present and the rest are connected by video call.

At that moment, all the employees received a letter telling them that they were the winners of a prize that totaled one million euros (just over one million one hundred thirty-one thousand US dollars).

The funds were distributed according to the seniority of the worker within the company. The most recent got 300 euros, while the oldest employees got 10 thousand.

“It’s my way of thanking you for your commitment, your dedication, and above all, your loyalty.”Osman said while those present jumped for joy and hugged each other. “I’m leaving because I have to sign the transfers”He said goodbye jokingly.

Who is Othman Al-Katiri, the businessman who distributed one million euros to his employees?

Osman Ketiry He is a Moroccan businessman who started in the car business after working in an agency as a car salesman. After gaining experience, he started his own project related to the distribution and delivery of vehicles under the name automated logic.

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Later, in 2010, he founded OK Car RentalA company specializing in car rental for individuals and companies. A year later, his first company was renamed OK carsAfter nine years OK Mobility Group, who is currently the CEO.

His company’s awards include selling more than 20,000 cars in one year in 15 different countries. It also has more than 30 offices spread across major cities in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Germany, and receives more than two million users from 120 different nationalities.

One of the first awards Osman received was the CEPYME 500 seal, awarded by the Spanish Conference for Small and Medium Enterprises, thanks to his leadership in business growth. In addition, in 2020 it became part of The Alliance for Tourism Excellence (Exceltur), an association formed by 34 of the most relevant companies within the European country’s tourism chain.

What is OK Mobility Group?

is a sign And A business group that specializes in providing global mobility solutions through an integrated, technological and disruptive business model based on total vehicle cycle control.

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