David Benavidez destroyed Canolo Alvarez by exposing all the wrongdoings against Dmitry Biol.


Within hours of returning to the ring, David Benavidas noted all the mistakes made by Canolo Alvarez against Dmitry Pivol.

Benavides was on his lap with Canelo Alvarez.
© GettyBenavides was on his lap with Canelo Alvarez.

14 days ago When he was challenged for the WBA Middle Heavyweight World title at the T-Mobile Arena, Sal Alvarez failed to beat Dmitry Pivol.. On the other hand, in the last hours David Benavidas exposed Mexico and pointed out what Guadalajara’s faults were. In addition, the Russian said he would have raised his hand earlier and come out.

What was done on Born in Guadalajara is the city of sin because he was seen slowly with the blows of great power. With this in mind, the European celebrated his long-distance shots as the key to his success.

On the other hand, in the last few hours, David Benavidus He talked about the Mexican fight and noted all the mistakes he had made against Dmitry Pivol. “What Canelo did was he tried to pull him down and hit him with force punches. By the time he realized he had to do something new, he was already tired. That was his thing.”Figth explained the American in a conversation with Hub TV.

And I add: “He thinks he can beat everyone and hit everyone’s hands, and their hand will fall off. It’s not going to happen to everyone. It can happen to one or two boys, but it’s not going to happen to everyone else.. Finally, the Red flag Eddie Rhinoceros praised the Russian victory for exposing the flaws of the warplane.

“Pivol taught us a lot. He exposed Canolo a little more than people thought he could be exposed to. It was a good fight. I’m very happy for Pivol. He did exactly what he was supposed to do and shocked the whole world.David Benavidas finished. It should be remembered that the American returns tomorrow night against David Lemieux to fight for the World Boxing Council’s Interim Super Middleweight World title.

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