David Benavides wins against Caleb Mill; Just ask Canelo

David Benavidez demonstrated complete dominance over Caleb Mills by defeating him by unanimous decision on Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas. The judges awarded ‘Red Flag’ a wide victory, scoring the cards 115-113, 116-112 and 117-111 in favor of the Mexican-American.

With the win, Benavidez (27-0, 23 KOs) retained his undefeated and interim WBC super middleweight title. It was the second defeat in the last three matches for the plant. His first loss was against Mexican Sal Alvarez in November 2021.

Benavidez was a repeat performer against a mill (22-2, 12 KOs), harassing during the fight, running from side to side and betting on constant hugs and ties. ‘Sweethounds’ hoped to frustrate Benavidez, but the fighter remained patient, looking for the moment to do the damage.

On several occasions, the referee intervened and briefly halted the action in a strange way, throwing Benavidez out of rhythm and approaching his corner to give him instructions.

“He’s a good referee and didn’t say anything to Caleb because of the way he tied me up,” Benavidez said while in the ring after the fight. “We fight like warriors in the ring. He is a good fighter and his work is respected and I can say that this is the biggest match of the year.

‘Red Flag’ said he was surprised by Plant’s blows, especially in the early rounds when he was able to connect on a few occasions.

“I had to take it step by step, I knew I had to go around and keep my defense, but I had to use everything,” Benavidez declared.

As for what he hopes for in the future, he’s only visited one person who says people want to see him in the ring.

“I respect Canelo Alvarez a lot, but he has to give me the opportunity to face him… and we’re going to do it in September,” Benavidez exclaimed.

Benavidez said he doesn’t feel like Canelo is avoiding him.

“I don’t think so, he has a lot of options, but people want that fight, so we’re going to make it possible,” Benavidez said.

The plant was badly damaged at the end of the conflict, but he said he was fine.

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“I feel good, he’s a great fighter, he’s a fighter, that’s what boxing is all about… Now we can be friends, hopefully,” Plant said. “At one point I had to build him up, you have to tough it out and exchange as much as you can. I fought the best in the world and maybe a match again in the future.”

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David Benavides vs. Caleb Plant

12th round

Benavidez’s dominance was overwhelming during the fight against a planter who held on as best he could and had his key moments. However, Benavidez was overmatched and should have no problem winning the cards. ‘Red Flag’ continued the punishment with jabs and waited for time to run out. Plant does his best and hopes to finish the fight on his feet just for glory. Benavides 10-9

11th round

The plant is trying to show something, it has shown a lot of tolerance after being severely punished. Benavides delivered all kinds of blows to the body and face to the brave planter. Benavidez uppercut with a combination and straight to the face. The plant constantly uses its structure to withstand the attack. Plant’s face is badly bruised and bloody. Benavides 10-9

10th round

The plant seems tired, more huggable and doesn’t have the same movement as in the first rounds. Benavidez punishes the plant for everything he endures just to survive. The Mexican-American connects with a left hook and the planter is in trouble. Severe punishments from Benavides to the plant. It’s only a matter of days before this fight ends. Benavides 10-9

9th round

Plant opens the round with a low blow and the fight is stopped for a few seconds. The referee asks not to repeat it. Plant didn’t seem to have the same movement on his feet, but was able to make two quick combinations on Benavidez, who got behind him and landed a straight left to the face. Benavidez is in full control of the fight. Benavides 10-9

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8th round

Benavides brings everything to the plant and hurts him. Plant found himself in trouble as he gave up his footing. The referee briefly stopped the bout and reviewed a head cut to Plant’s face. Upon restarting the fight, Benavidez finishes off a dazed Plant. Benavides 10-9

7th round

The referee warns both fighters that they don’t want to hear each other joking and talking too much. Punches plant with a nice flutter. Benavidez lands a nice jab and plants in the corners, punishing hard. The referee oddly separated the fighters in an exchange and Benavidez appeared to be in control. Benavides 10-9

6th round

Corner asked Benavidez to use more body and avoid getting tied up. Benavides with a good left leg to the face that shakes the plant. Plant’s good defensive movement avoids a combo in his upper body. Nice left leg to the face from Plant and Benavidez finishes the round with a nice strike. Benavides 10-9

5th round

Benavidez challenges Plant to go for him and in doing so finishes him off with a combination to the face. Benavidez looks to run behind Mill for most of the fight. ‘Sweethands’ used a lot of teasing tactics to make Benavidez lose his head. Benavides 10-9

4th round

Plant shows off his speed, which frustrates Benavides a bit. Uppercut from Benavidez that goes past Plant’s face, but then lands a nice hook to the body and face. Plant ends up surprising with a good combination and taunts his rival. Floor 10-9

3rd round

Benavidez went out with more action in search of the plant and injured him. Plant felt touched and quickly hugged to avoid further punishment. The referee warns them to be careful with their heads. Benavidez starts doing damage, tries to slip the planter, avoids punishment. At the end of the round, both fighters smile at each other. Benavides 10-9

2nd round

Nice hook by Benavidez on the plant, he reacts with a hook of his own and a 1-2 to the face. The plant walked from one place to another, waiting to find its rival. The plant has had great success with Jab. Plant with flurry blows on Benavidez. Floor 10-9

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1st round

Both players started the game cautiously. While Benavidez stays calm and takes his time, plant well with his front shift. The plant anticipates a counterattack against a calm and patient ‘red flag’. Benavides 10-9

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Jesus Ramos Vs. Joseph Spencer

Ramos defeated Spencer by technical knockout at 1:25 of the seventh round.

Chris Colbert vs. Jose Valenzuela

Colbert upset Valenzuela by unanimous decision 95-94-3.

Cody Crowley vs. Abel Ramos

Crowley won by majority decision over ‘Abelito’ Ramos with scores of 114-114, 116-112 and 115-113.

Kevin Gonzalez vs. Jose Sanmartin

Controlling his opponent, Gonzalez defeated Sanmartin by unanimous decision: 98-92, 99-91 and 97-93.


The target of David Benavidez and Caleb Plant has a first and last name, as well as a nickname everyone recognizes: Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez. On Saturday, from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, both fighters will look for victory with the Jalisco native in mind.

‘Red Flag’ clamored for the opportunity to face Canelo, who recently opened the door for a potential clash between them. Alvarez has stated on numerous occasions that he has no intention of fighting a Mexican, so the chances of Benavidez stepping into the ring with the Mexican superstar were virtually nil.

The ‘Sweethounds’ plant wants Canelo to look for his chance to atone for his loss on November 6, 2021. On that occasion, Canelo took the IBF title from him and became the undisputed champion of the super middleweights.

Benavidez, who has the WBC interim super middleweight title on the line, is a rising star and beating Plant, his toughest opponent so far in his career, could spark his career. Plant is a versatile fighter and while many consider the Mexican-American favorite, he shouldn’t be ruled out.

Starting at 5 p.m. PT, we’ll see the results of each fight live:

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Super Middleweight: David Benavides vs. Caleb Plant

Welterweight: Cody Crowley vs. Abel Ramos

Middleweight: Jesus Alejandro Ramos vs. Joseph Spencer

Lightweight: Chris Colbert vs. Jose Valenzuela

Junior Featherweight: Kevin Gonzalez vs. Jose Sanmartin

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