Chapello slapped Cantinflas and nearly cut his career short

Xavier Lopez ‘Chapelo’ He had a great career, he became an icon on Mexican television, but when he was just starting out as an actor his life was in danger because he was assaulted. Mario Moreno ‘Continfloss’ It didn’t cost him his future.

Chapello shared the scene with Continflas Movie ‘The Extra’ When Mario Moreno stepped forward, Xavier Lopez did the same, he slapped him first and the kid returned it.

This is a 1962 comedy film in which Continflas defends two children who are afraid of another (Chapello) because he wants to beat them up for breaking his bicycle in one scene.

Chapello talks like a big kid in shorts and socks, and he bursts into tears, for which Continflas hits him and tells him to behave.

In reaction, Chapelo slapped him He assures him that it’s a ‘little man’, completely improvised performance, as neither Mario nor Xavier were in the script.

What happened after the cut?

After watching the scene and cutting, the staff demanded that Chapalo not dare to touch Continflas, a lack of respect so dear to him.

Given this, Mario Moreno came to Chapelo’s defenseBecause he said he can touch anytime during the shoot.

“No no no! Let him touch me”, said Cantinflas, which Xavier López never forgot.

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