Danilo Medina: I have no doubt that the PLD will return to power in 2024

Danilo Medina, leader of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), said on Monday that he had no doubt that the political organization would win. 2024 presidential election.

I have no doubt that PLD will return in 2024Who is going to win the next elections,” Medina said during an interview on the radio program Sol de la Manana on the Zol 106.5FM station.

The former president mentioned the process Citizen consultation conducted by that body In order to choose his pre-candidate for the presidency next Sunday, he said it would be carried out as a party and with renewed militancy.

“A new party is built here, the PLD is new”Said the former President of the Republic during an interview given this morning to “El Sol de la Manana” radio.

In this sense, Medina added, the Purple Party It has organized more than half a million new fighters56% of them are youth.

On the other hand, he took the opportunity to invite PLD supporters and anyone who considered himself a sympathizer of the organization to participate in the consultation. Next October 16, There the organization will choose its presidential candidate.

Make an effort to vote so that no one who wishes to vote is left unselectedThe process is in their hands and the leadership of the party has done its job,” Medina said.

He also emphasized that not only the party will win in the consultative process but also the country’s democratic system will win.

“The PLD will prove on October 16 that it is a decent, participatory and inclusive party,” the former president said, while admitting that they have a huge challenge to achieve. Those who do not benefit with a majority accept the decision and partner with the successful candidate.

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Abel Martínez, Margarita Cedeño, Francisco Domínguez Brito, Karen Ricardo, Maritza Hernández and Luis de Leon will participate in the extraordinary process.

“My advice to losers is to be aware of it Nothing is lost in politicsPolitical work is always piling up.

Finally, he remained confident by promising End of query That would consolidate the party and, according to him, allow it to return to power.

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