Elias Cerule left the PLD; The organization accuses it of “losing its purpose.”

Former Congressman Elias Cerulle has announced his resignation from the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), where he has been a member of its central committee for 27 years.

Cherulle, Turkey’s ambassador, justified his decision by saying that the reasons that led to his departure were still in the PLD and that he felt he had lost contact with the organization’s base.

They understand that the party founded by Professor Juan Bosch has lost its end, and as explained in a statement, we reproduce below.

Today I resign as President and General Secretary of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), a member of that party, and with it all the steps I have gained from my 27 years of experience within this political system.

I make this decision with the understanding that along the path taken by the PLD, there are still reasons that led it to leave power.. I think we lost contact with the site that the party had hoped for.

I am grateful to the friends I grew up with and created important dreams, with whom we lived in great frustration, those who saw in silence how the wall of democracy is collapsing, without realizing it, and even being the cause of our lives as a political organization.

I am grateful to those who opposed me at different stages because they have made me strong and experienced. The scars of these wounds have built up within me the most important skin facing the repressive actions of democracy.

In political contribution, it is necessary to have objectives of value that are above simplicity. Returning to power cannot be an end in itself. There must be a reason for the return. Today the PLD lost its END and sank into media justice. As such, I will not proceed.

The door I use today for departure, I propose to turn it into a bridge that leads to the unity of our large family, to turn this day into a visible start from the window of hope, and to create new dreams together of democracy, participation and hope in a better country.

Thanks to my colleagues. You will always find in me a friend who is willing to serve you.

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