FIA confirms Red Bull is over budget for 2021 season

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This Monday FIA At the stage confirmed the speculations of some Red Bull competitors: the Austrian team Andxceded The Size of Bills tax in season 2021. The company came to this conclusion after examining all the documents provided by the committee, despite not conducting any investigation of its own.

FIA report

In this October 10 statement, the FIA ​​said the following about the team Czech Perez And Max Verstappen: “That’s considered Oracle Red Bull Racing Occurred a Violation of Exceeding the small amount of procedural and financial regulation“.

Aston Martin may also be allowed

And the FIA ​​decided it Aston-Martin “He had a Violation of process “Financial regulation”, for which the team may be sanctioned in the coming days, as well as Red Bull.

“FIA Cost Limit Administration Determining the right course of action now Aston Martin and Red Bull will be taken under financial regulations,” the company clarified about the sanctions.

Will Max Verstappen lose the drivers’ world championship he won in 2021?

Although the chances are slim, Max Verstappen Yes I may lose the title Red Bull was successful last year despite being only 1-4 percent over budget.

Pursuant to financial regulation, the Obstacles For little more cost They can be: General reprimand, deduction of points earned Builders World Cup, Reduction of points earned in the World Drivers’ ChampionshipSuspension of one or more Grand Prix, limits on the number of aerodynamic tests and other tests or reduction of the budget limit.

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The most important thing for the Austrian team now The FIA ​​does not deduct 8 points or more from the DutchmanHe could miss out on the 2021 drivers’ championship.

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