Danilo Beauchamp sends a message to “La Gome” for wearing the same clothes – Metro Puerto Rico

Actor and radio and TV presenter Danilo Beauchamp posted on his social networks the message “La Gome”, sharing several pictures of him wearing the same pants and shoes on different dates in his TV show.

“Thank you La Gome TV… mission accomplished 🙌🏻 I got new pants and I’m ready for La Boveda de Teleones… Viveloooooo!!”, revealed Beauchamp with three photos.

Yesterday, Tuesday, on the Gossip and Entertainment show, the character played by puppeteer Antulio “Cobo” Santarosa said, “It goes without saying, I don’t have to explain anything. I want you to study the dates at home.”

Immediately afterwards, TeleOne shared 10 images of Beauchamp as host of the program La Bóveda, where the animator can be seen wearing gray pants and black shoes “every day” between July 2023 and August 2023.

“Danilo, in television there is such a thing as transmission. If you don’t know, I will tell you in English interpolation”, pointing to the toy after sharing a meme saying, “You should give it a hanger”.

You know what clothes are the same all the time,” concluded La Comey. Later, her on-screen partner, Yann Ruiz, said, “There are (clothes) even in the parking lot. San Juan Mall (where television studio is located)”.

From Mr. Cash to Danilo: TeleOne’s Vault reaches its first year after many changes

TeleOne’s VaultA TV channel is betting that the block starting with ” will attract more viewerscome” Later on “Playing Hard Ball” It celebrates a year that never forgets the transformation of talent that appears in front of the camera.

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The show launched in March 2022 as “La Bóveda de Mr. Cash”, airing in the afternoon, but months later in August 2022 it was moved to the nighttime slot and the main animator, Josué Carrión, “Mr. Cash” was no longer part of the new format.

“A cashless vault, that’s when they ran out of money, and that’s when they ran out of money, out of money, out of money and out of double money. Many times one’s salary, one’s money…Expressions of entertainment that are out of place in that moment.

In the new phase, entertainer and ex-secretary Department of Recreation and Sports (DRD)Andrés worked as an animator alongside Waldermar Andrea Rivera, Alexandra Pomales and Finito.

Finito’s “Betrayal” for Alex DJ

We cannot forget that Louis FontanesKnown as “The End” The program started “Puerto Rico Victory” One segment of Telemundo requires participants to move a human from a circle with a rope. Later, he joined in April “The TeleOne’s Vault”.

Arrival of Danilo Beauchamp

As recently as June, the show’s new season began with comedian Danilo Beauchamp as host. This is no stranger to game shows in the past Francis Rosas to do Jose Carrion “Mr. money” When he left Waba TV. Beauchamp and Rosas co-animated the show “Win with Win” Where Alex T.J Puerto Rico started his career from Ghana.

Beauchamp was announced as the new animator of “La Boveda”, teaming Wilson Torres with his “Manego” character.

Andres Waldemar leaves

It was a day when the announcement came Danilo Beauchamp, Andres WaldemarIt was posted on his social networks that he will leave the place.

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“It was a beautiful day where I connected with the public in a different way. It is very gratifying to win people’s hearts. TeleOnes was a great school for me. I wholeheartedly thank the management for this opportunity to sneak onto the small screen every night and earn the respect of the audience,” he said in his statement.

The entertainer urged viewers to continue watching the TV show, and despite his departure, Beauchamp is now seen as the main entertainer.

“I appeal to the people of Puerto Rico, to continue watching and supporting local programming. Many households depend on this workshop to ensure our daily bread reaches the table. Always grateful to TeleOnce for giving me my first chance in television. My colleagues are a great family and I will always carry them in my heart. Don’t stop supporting them. They need it,” he said.

First anniversary of La Bóveda de TeleOnce

Its entertainers, Finito, Andrea Rivera, Alexandra Pomales and Danilo Beauchamp, who recently joined the La Bóveda family, host several games on television every night, including ‘El Gallinero’, ‘Embárralo’, ‘Pirámide’, ‘Pastelligencia’ and more. ‘Panda Guess’.

“We are very happy with the results of this first year on the Puerto Rican screen, and we are satisfied with the success we have achieved, thanks to the audience who created our favorite show. We give thousands of dollars in prizes and help people fulfill their dreams. We owe it to our talent to create amazing chemistry and win the love of the Puerto Rican people, ” said Josema Hernandez, executive producer of the show.

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“Every night we go to the screens of Puerto Rican homes with a different alternative to free them from everyday worries and let our people spend their day smiling and happy,” the producer said as part of the first anniversary celebration.

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