Shakira: Why does the singer put a witch on the balcony of her house?

The new song has created a lot of buzz Shakira,’TQG‘ (That seemed good to you) with the cooperation of his companion Carol G.. Topic with new news vs Gerard PQ and his new partner, Clara Chia. “You left, I put on triple M; sweet, hard, high level,” sings the Colombian, indicating that she’s the winner of this break.

Meanwhile, Shakira He goes about his life and a witch on the terrace of his house. For a while she was away from the balcony, staring at her mother-in-law’s house, it seems that the singer wanted to protect herself from bad vibes again and decided to put her behind to protect her. House.

According to pictures released by Europa Press, the witch has reappeared on the terrace ShakiraThis time the wind kept her on a kind of heavy support to prevent her from moving and continues to see the house where her ex-partner’s parents live.

In early January of this year, the singer drew attention for displaying the item in her home, and it was speculated that the reason for putting it there was to protect herself from bad thoughts after her breakup with the ex-footballer.

His approach has been commented on in the media. However, the most controversial in recent months have been the lyrics of Shakira’s songs, dedicated entirely to her ex-partner. Clear.

The success of ‘TQG’

Colombian artist Carol G. They released a song titledTQG‘, an anticipated collaboration with her compatriot Shakira. In an interview with the New York Times, Carol G said her dream of singing with Shakira had come true. The Colombians have reflected their love affairs in their recent hits.

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Shakira He got a huge media buzz with his latest song The Session #53 Along with Argentinian producer Bizarrap, which is positioned as the most listened to song in Spanish on Spotify, in which he is sent against his former partner, Gerard PQ.

Previously, the Colombian artist released songs.Congratulations‘and’Boring‘, recorded with Puerto Ricans Rav Alejandro and Ozuna, respectively, and includes messages interpreted as direct references to their relationship with the father of their children.

On the other hand, Carole G released her song “Mami” last year, a collaboration with Californian Peggy G, described by Colombian supporters as a direct message to her former partner, Puerto Rican trapper Anuel AA.

Carol G tells how she worked with Shakira

With the premiere of ‘TQG‘Next Shakira, Carol G. released their fourth album, ‘Tomorrow will be betterIn it he shows his side.Interior” and works with Angel Dior, Pat Gyall, Carla Morrison, Justin Quiles, Maldi, Quevedo, Romeo Santos, Sean Paul and Czech.

However, the central theme of the album is what he did with his la barranquillera. The popular ‘Pichoda’ has adopted the acronym ‘TQG’ for “You have grown up“, has been A difficult subject to record, because of Shakira’s perfection. According to the ‘Dusa’ translator, the production of the song “serious“.

A report published on the portal Hoy día indicates that singers work long hours, more than 16 hours a day. There were times when they had to take it 35 times.

however, Carol G. He said he was satisfied with the outcome of the song and his new album after working on the production and composition for more than two years. According to her, Shakira She too was satisfied with the result. “Thank you, my God. Those lyrics are how I feel right now,” Carroll told G.

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