The movie that smart people will love on Netflix, the sci-fi plot will attract you

On July 26th, one of the biggest news to mankind was confirmed by three Ex-military United States Those who issue historical statements after confirming the existence of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects), making it clear that the government is in possession of the remains of “non-human” biological organisms.

With regard to this particular piece of news, the sci-fi movie on Netflix that will undoubtedly please the most intelligent with its daring plot is now gaining attention, it is the movie called Arrival, which caught the eye after its premiere in 2016. The whole world because of the topic that excites him.

It’s an adrenaline and science fiction movie. Image: IMDb

What is the movie “The Arrival” about?

is an ambitious feature film directed by Denis Villeneuve and released in 2016. It is based on the tense and speculative short story “The Story of Your Life” by Ted Chiang, centering on the arrival of a mysterious spacecraft into space. the earth.

The protagonist, who plays it Amy Adamsis a linguist named louise Banks, who is being recruited by the US government to communicate with aliens. Alien ships have landed in different parts of the world, creating confusion and fear among nations.

Amy Adams stars in ‘Arrival’

The film focuses on the process of communication between humans and extraterrestrial visitors, known as “heptapods”. Louise and her team work tirelessly to decipher the language and intentions of visitors. As Louise delves deeper into her mission, He begins to experience visions And memories that don’t seem to belong to the present, adding an element of mystery and complexity to the plot.

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This is how Access explores issues of communication, time perception, and decision making. The film is distinguished by its thoughtful style and distinctive visual style. It uses non-linear narration to present the story in a unique and captivating way. Simultaneously through the character of amy adams in her interpretation of Louise BanksThe tape explores the importance of language and understanding in situations unknown to humanity.


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