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By Robiel Vega / bi robielcuba87

The Los Tunas nominee, who has won three of the four ad-battles in the tournament, reached 2,362 in his playing career and was 16 short to equal Enrique Diaz (2,378) as the top producer of hits in the national series. So, to overcome it17.

As announced by the dedicated athlete; According to his colleague Dupleix Vasquez Colomain, Los Tunas has been on Facebook since the 26th, according to his colleague Dupleix Vasquez Colomain, who will end his extensive and successful career in the post-season 61 or in the unofficial “Elite League” when he breaks Enrique’s record.

After 28 seasons and almost 46 years, the so-called “Manatee Panther” will bid farewell to active sports and numbers, RBIs, doubles and run production that put him in the top ten in history in many important attacking fields such as scoring runs in the national series. In addition, he will make irrefutable, flying sacrifices and leave as a complete leader in times when he pushes the tie or advantage.

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Many will depend on how far their team can go in these playoffs, because if they advance to the final, chances are high that we will have a new national record before Series 61 closes its curtains firmly.

But at that time, he will be removed as a great and sacred our baseball player, and he will carry with him the eternal affection of his people who, no matter where he stops in his own province, will still be active, making him a legend. She is abroad.

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