Supertransporte seeks to report space between rows of aircraft seats

The transport watchdog published the draft decision, according to which it requires national airlines, brokers and travel agencies to submit reports on measuring the distance between one row of aircraft seats and another.

Taking into account the different messages posted by air transport users on different social networks, about their differences regarding seat space between rows and their expectations, and following up on 30 web pages of airlines located in the country, the supervisory authority has prepared the draft decision submitted for comment, with the aim of giving instructions to airlines and agencies Travel and other mediators in connection with the duty to inform.

for him Transportation SupervisorWilmer Salazar Arias, “The right of consumers to receive information, in accordance with the provisions of consumer law, implies that they receive it in a manner that is complete, honest, transparent, timely, verifiable, understandable, accurate and appropriate, in connection with the services rendered to you, which allows you to make reasonable decisions in accordance with to your needs. If the information is objective and relevant to a consumption decision, it is the duty of providers of goods and services to provide it to consumers.”

Finally, the entity informed through a statement that an article will be added to Chapter 2 and a new chapter will be incorporated into Title II of the Single Publication for Infrastructure and Transport, on this issue. He called on the general public to familiarize themselves with the draft resolution and to submit their observations, opinions, suggestions, comments or alternative proposals for its content. The term for this started last Friday 20 and will end on May 31, 2022, comments can be sent to the email [email protected]

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