Cuenca proposes a “transformational plan” for the Peruvian region to reclaim space and create a park

The PSOE candidate for mayor of Granada, Paco Cuenca, has conveyed his “transformational” project to the people of the Peruvian region to remove the old clinical hospital wall that currently separates the neighborhoods and “form a real plug between them”. The transformation of these approximately four hectares into a ‘permeable space, with social, health and senior citizen facilities, new pedestrian access roads and a large central garden making use of the already existing parkland’.

“We have a commitment to continue to make Granada a more people-friendly city, with more livable neighborhoods equipped with facilities and resources and green corridors connecting urban centers with large green spaces,” Cuenca said in a note, which added that “With this in mind, he has been working in the eight months the last ten years of his term, and with this horizon he will continue to do so for the next four years.

Thus, the Transformational Project for the Entire Region of Peru presented by Cuenca proposes “to restore to the inhabitants of the district of San Lázaro, the district of doctors and the district of Plaza de Toros some infrastructures and green spaces that are not currently used or underutilized” and which, however, are located in a privileged area of ​​the city .

said the candidate, who explained that his proposal is based on a strategic alliance with the University of Granada and with the Andalusian Junta and which contains a detailed study that welcomes the progress of the General Urban Planning Plan (PGOU).

There, he explained, is where the maintenance of the sanitary area is contemplated, the development of social and health care facilities, housing for the elderly and the adaptation of the gardens in a large central park that allows the space between Avenida de Madrid and Avenida Doctor Olóriz to permeate with new pedestrian paths that invite you to walk and enjoy the city.

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Cuenca indicated that with this proposal to open the interior space of the old clinic to the city, continuity is given to her plan to provide new green areas for the city, while at the same time being able to enable new transverse paths of parks and public spaces that permeate the different areas of the neighborhood and make the surrounding streets spaces More friendly that will calm traffic and provide greater safety for pedestrians.

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