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By Alex Fernandez Fernandez

Everything related to the creation of the Cuban national team has a cultural dimension of controversy. In the Cuban genealogy there is a manager who decides any kind of outcome, although many followers no doubt have a wider command of the matter.

Fifty pre-examination has been questioned more accurately due to examination. Excluded names like Yasmani Tomás, who was “breaking it” with Cañeros de Mochi in Mexico, or Yardanis Chamon, the most notable hitter with Cuba in recent years, still resonate uncomfortably with fans.

“We don’t have all the arms yet, we’re waiting for the team to be finalized to define the starting pitchers, long, middle and short relays, for this reason we can’t say exactly yet. . If this union is reached, things can be done because the Major League players have a lot of mastery,” he said. .

What previously seemed like a utopia in inviting MLB players (remember that the Cuban Federation always said it was impossible to invite them due to MLB contract restrictions for the World Classic), now looks like a table of salvation.
The former director of Isla de la Juventud teams in the national series added:

“According to the helmsman, it is not yet certain that all those invited by the Cuban federation can be, because “there may still be changes on the part of MLB, in this sense we are sending these athletes. Awaiting how to address it”.

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Considering what has been available at international events over the past five years, there is a lot of hesitation and insecurity for a team that came into this tournament really strong.

If we look again at athletes contracted outside of the Cuban federation, the doubts persist.

“Regarding Yoenis Cespedes’ injury, they don’t know what time he’s at, but he said he’s confident he’ll recover, and if any of these injuries necessitates replacing a team member, another 50-man roster replacement, not a new draftee.

This is what you can read in the newspaper.
Cuba, which will announce its squad on January 24th, continues to navigate a sea of ​​questions, even though it has already been announced that they will tour Asia and that the athletes will not be fit for the Caribbean series. A world classic.

The rest will have to wait, however, until the last minute, we don’t know what Cuba will finally play in the first game against the Netherlands, a rival that has shown its colors on more than one occasion in the world.

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