Arby’s opened its eighth restaurant in Hatillo

With $2.8 millionArby’s sandwich franchise has opened its eighth restaurant on the island, located on Highway 2 in Hatillo.

The new facility covers an area of ​​2,600 square feet. It accommodates up to 45 people in a room and provides 60 direct functions. It is located in a stand-alone (“self-contained”) building and has a self-catering window. It belongs to franchisees William and Damaris Carell.

“With the opening of our eighth Arby’s restaurant, we are reaffirming our commitment to continued and consistent expansion. We set the eighth store opening as our goal for expansion scheduled for 2023 and that is what we have done.” Carlos Bodet, President of FranglobalInc., a company that owns franchise development rights in Puerto Rico.

The chain, which is famous for its roast beef sandwiches, It plans to open five more restaurants this year. Budet pointed out The new day that One of them will be in Outlets in Montehedra It is estimated that the mall will hand over the plot of land to him within a month. Construction will take another six months.

While, In Bayamón two more Arby’s will go. One will be on Highway 167 near the family court, and the other will be on Highway 2, where the Drive-In used to be. And now there are Pep Boys around.

the There will be two more Guayama and Manatee. All 5 will have a self catering window and will all be self contained buildings, except Sea cow.

Arby’s menu includes 22 sandwiches with eight different protein toppings, wraps, shakes, and sides. Also contains a Creole breakfast menu with 12 exclusive Puerto Rican recipes. The new site for Package Provides pick-up and delivery service.

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Founded in 1964is the first nationally franchised sandwich restaurant brand in the United States, with More than 3,500 restaurants around the world. Of those 3,500, it has more than 150 in seven countries outside the United States.

In Puerto Rico, it has restaurants in Plaza Caye, San Patricio Village in Guaynabo, Plaza Las Américas, Plaza del Caribe, Santa Isabel, Plaza Escorial in Carolina and in Río Bayamón.

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