Cuban actor Ray Cruz returns to Havana

Editorial by CubitaNOW ~ December 7, 2023 Thursday

The famous and beloved Cuban actor Rachel Cruz, artistically known as Ray Cruz, announced through his social networks that he has returned to Havana.

After spending several weeks away from the island, the artist shared a collection of photos of some of the memories he will treasure.

Likewise, he has a spread Picture His passport had markings indicating a flight from Madrid to the Cuban capital.

Weeks ago, the artist walked the streets of Spain in heels and shared pictures of the moment, confirming that as a Cuban he couldn’t help but do it.

“You can’t tell a Cuban not to do this…Fatima ends up in Madrid…” the acting translator wrote alongside the images.

Cruz got ready and walked in Madrid’s Gran Vía with all the attitude in high heels, a clear homage to the role of Fatima from the play “Fatima y el Parque de la Fraternidad.”

“But even women don’t wear heels in Madrid, Hey Fatima, you’re the best”; “You are the best, don’t pay attention to the stupid comments of jealous people who can’t go where you came from. Greetings and blessings from Menorca, Spain, Cuba that admires you and loves you dearly,” some of her followers reacted.

“I can’t get enough of watching the reels hahahaha I love how you look but the best thing is how well you carry your bag hahaha, a true fashionista… I’m your fan, you’re amazing. Actor, Greetings”; “Ray, I swear I don’t know you, I had to go to the comments to find it, he’s a Cuban actor, hahaha, great actor, I love it,” I said to myself.

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