It is a depressing campaign

Manager Boris Arencibia He spoke about the recent allegations against an influencer known as Ultrac, who alleged that he was assaulted at a Miami restaurant by the producer.

“This is a clear depression campaign, blaming me and many threats, this is not what these people are accusing,” the man wrote on his social networks, placing himself at the center of a controversy with his accuser Ultrak. and Lenier Mesa, who assaulted him and his wife at a restaurant in Miami.

A Cuban producer who introduced himself as Organizer of the Santa Maria Music FestivalAs he revealed on social networks, after weeks and months of threats and insults to his family, he insisted that the allegations against him be proven.

“Those who accuse and offend are those who create problems with commercial intentions, my political position has always been clear,” he defended himself.

“All the evidence is going to come out, the lawyers are ready, but I want to make it clear that I have always said it, and I will say it again, I will be a fighter for the freedom of our Cubans. We hope to change the way we fight, the way we are in Miami, or the way we fight,” He said.

In his version, they have caused “damage” to his family and his image “to support a festival”.

“They don’t like democracy, it’s with them, how they want it to be, if they don’t blame you and don’t get depressed, thanks to many people who support me and many more, this struggle is about seeking unity. Cubans and I make changes, I do not defend communism, I defend love and union, I believe I have always been clear,” he concluded.

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His protection occurs in the context of Collision with UltracHe said El Borris and Lenier attacked him along with two other men, one of whom was his bodyguard.

Later, the YouTuber accused the two of them in front of the authorities, saying: “My matter is the police, report it and go to court.”

For his part, Chocolate came out in defense of Lenier and his manager, promising that if he had been there, he would have attacked the influencers as well.

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