José Cáceres: “Parlasor is an important space for regional integration” – Politics

José Cáceres, member of the Mercosur Parliament elected from Entre Ríos Province, was present at the National Legislative Assembly where the powers were announced and received his certificate. He thanked “the men and women of Entre Ríos who trusted us and the struggle on October 22” for the victory of Peronism in the national categories.

“We know that we are the product of collective construction, of Peronism and of our allies in the Union for the Fatherland, of popular decision,” Cáceres said, and in this sense he highlighted “particularly of the struggle that, as always, has made its effort and its sacrifices. “I feel part of it and I thank you very much.”

Once the Legislative Assembly had ended and the certificates had been awarded, there was a meeting of the Mercosur parliamentary bloc of the Union for the Fatherland. “It was the first meeting to define the powers of the bloc and also with the aim of establishing contacts with the opposition to determine who will represent the Argentine delegation in Parlasor and to work on giving priority to the organization, and also to get to know each other a little more and define the lines of action,” said the Peronist leader. Although Parlasor’s decisions are not binding, they have importance at the regional level. “Parlasur is an important space for regional integration and is in the same creation as Mercosur.”

He also noted that “in 2019, Macri suspended direct elections for Mercosur parliamentarians and tried to empty that institutional space, but his activity continued, so it is also important to highlight that we have once again regained the possibility of directly electing these parliamentarians.” “Who represent our country in this organization that strengthens economic, social and cultural ties between the peoples of South America.”

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