Cuba extends passport validity and cancels extensions

Ernesto Soberon, the Foreign Ministry’s general director of diplomatic affairs and Cubans living abroad, said the decision will take effect July 1 and is part of the renewal of the country’s immigration policy for family welfare. relationships.

He noted that from that moment the current passport will extend its validity from the current six to 10 years, and five for Cuban citizens 16 or older and minors.

In addition, the requirement to renew this document every two years has been removed, as well as a fee of 180 dollars or euros for those over 16 and 140 dollars or euros for those without. To reach that age..

Another measure adopted was to equalize the time spent on the island by Cubans living abroad with the time of their relatives and foreign spouses and children during their stay in the country.

Soberon explained that as of July 1, those living outside the borders will be able to stay in Cuba for the same length of time as their foreign relatives, because currently those periods of stay are different.

He also said that according to the provisions of the constitution approved in 2019 in a referendum, immigrants before January 1, 1971 must present their Cuban passports to enter the Caribbean country.

The Director of Consular Affairs said the decisions were taken in line with the country’s policy of strengthening ties with the overseas community.

Cuba has taken steps to increase the participation of Cubans living abroad in the political, economic and social life of their country, the diplomat said, highlighting discussions on the draft constitution and family code.

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He also opined that “the number of cooperation, business and investment projects offered by Cubans living abroad is growing steadily and systematically, with the aim of participating and contributing to the economic development of the island.”


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