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WhatsApp has introduced a new chat lock security feature that allows you to move a conversation from your inbox to your own folder, which can only be accessed with a password or biometric data.

The instant messaging platform already has a screen lock function, whereby the app can only be accessed through a password or by verifying biometric data.

WhatsApp continues to implement ways to protect and ensure the privacy of user messages and conversations. In this sense, the social network has now announced a chat blocking function.

With this innovation, conversations can be moved from the main inbox to the blocked chats folder, which can only be accessed with a password or biometric data such as fingerprint or facial recognition.

This was announced by Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a post on Facebook, in which he pointed out that it’s “a way to make conversations more personal.” This also means that notifications related to blocked chats will not show the sender or the content of the message.

As WhatsApp explained in a statement, to block a chat, press the name of the person or group to access the info screen, and then select the ‘Block’ option.

On the other hand, to access these blocked chats, you need to pull down the inbox to reveal the blocked chats folder. Once it appears, it can be accessed through the selected authentication method.

According to WhatsApp, this chat blocking feature is designed keeping in mind people who occasionally need to share their phone with a family member or others. Also, in cases where users don’t want others to be able to see “special” chat notifications.

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In addition to all this, the site indicated that “in the coming months” it will add more options to this function, such as blocking conversations on connected devices and creating a personalized password for chats, ie. Different from the one used to unlock the phone.

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