Guardiola’s answer to why Real Madrid are so high in the Champions League and the legacy he left at City


Pep Guardiola He promised this Tuesday before receiving Real Madrid His side feel “free at home” to face the second leg of the Champions League semi-finals.

During the press conference, Coach City of Manchester He was asked why the whites were so superior in this competition and how to beat them. The Catalan also mentioned the tradition that when it’s time to leave, he leaves with the ‘citizens’.

A ‘final’ against Madrid

“I would sign last year’s 4-3. Sometimes the party dictates. There are a lot of things going on in this tournament that neither the players nor the coaches can control. We have a plan, but so do they. If things don’t go our way, we have to act fast.”

Status of Madrid players

“I always face this competition and think about what we can do. Obviously, we know Madrid. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to control it.”

Why are Madrid so high in the Champions League?

” I don’t know, if I knew, I would try to copy the method. But I would say because they always have the highest level of players. To beat Madrid you have to fix things, change things, we have to create more chances. When we won it with Barça, it was because we had high level players”.


“I’m not going to say it, but we’re not going to do anything special. We have to play more relaxed and more fluid. They’ll be relaxed, too.”

Who is the favorite?

“I don’t know, I can’t say that. We’re in the playoffs every season and the team that deserves it eventually wins. It’s doing a great job of convincing fans that there’s no need to do anything different. At home we have the feeling that we are free and relaxed and playing. I have played ten semi-finals and lost seven. I know the feeling, but there are many things in the football world that cannot be controlled.

The legacy he will leave at City

“The legacy is that they had a blast over the years. People will remember that we scored a lot of goals, conceded a few, won a lot of titles. I had a good time here over the years. It’s like a good book. Maybe in Europe people don’t see it, but here they do. Had a great time. It’s a legacy.”

Walker says they owe it to the owners

“You don’t have to put too much pressure on yourself. I think the players have done a lot, even if they don’t think they did. They have to play a game of football. They know how good Madrid is and it’s a blessing to be here.


“Being here is a dream come true. Nobody guarantees us to be here, so when we arrive, we go for it. Be together in the tough moments because we will suffer. I know the fans will be with us. They will not leave us alone. They will be with us in the tough moments”.

Four games to the treble

“My heritage is already exceptional here, isn’t it? (laughs). We already know the importance of the Champions League, yes. But we have to live in the moment. We’re incredibly lucky to be here. It’s up to us, we don’t depend on anything exceptional, just one game. Gotta win. I have a very positive feeling.”

The atmosphere at the Etihad

“It counts, but in front is Real Madrid, who will play a great game. We have to improve the first leg, try to attack more balls. We respect Madrid a lot, it’s a challenge, a challenge, we’re going to go for everything.

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